Give a model of a car company’s Web site to do a brief diagnosis of Shanghai Dragon

It sounded like a Keywords and long tail keywords marketing type

2, for the enterprise type of site in terms of estimation is to sell products, or join agents (i.e. find agents). So the website planning and positioning is very important:

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of your target customers, this is of course your industry insiders are most clearly, so it is best to have the pre planning website to participate in the sales department. Through a detailed understanding of the target customers are most concerned about and worry about a website, to achieve the customer in the browse the site, dispel all care and worry in his heart, coupled with the overall structure of the site looks very professional, beautiful atmosphere, have the strength to hook visitors and telephone counselling single desire.

3, your target customers where to search habits according to your target customers (where the target customer search habits through your sales staff to learn. As a result the client on the network, the communication is an unpleasant situation under the advice he is how to find your company, adhere to the 3 to 6 months of your target customer search habits of 80% can be determined to do) your site keywords layout, website launch key words for it can get. The flow is the target customer flow of useful websites, the bounce rate will be reduced, so the site in the search engine’s weight will be more and more high. Of course, the conversion rate will increase, which can directly enhance website sales.

1, from your site has been in the optimization of management, but the general effect like it, not to say that the rankings do not make up, the key point may still find no keywords index (i.e. no actual people to search, so even if) ranking up also not how much traffic, not to mention the target customers.

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website of professional strength problems that are worth mentioning: that is the first to find out your company a market segment in your industry. The product is compared with the others you always have a first advantage (this is the site of the most attractive advertising language). What specific your company should be easier to find than I can lay (such as research technology, services, wear-resistant, durable and so on, here is an example, may your products in this area is not an advantage, but there is always the first advantage of a subdivision of that can find it is not found, hard to imagine it will make a come out).

The structure of your site,

4, your website (why above keywords, here is the long tail keywords, marketing type out, because the enterprise website target keywords so few, brings the flow is not entirely accurate, can enhance the conversion rate. So do the long tail marketing type and keyword ranking is particularly important for the enterprise web site, so here is the long tail keywords and marketing type keywords separately speaking) layout is not in place, can be said that there is no do. The enterprise website to do network marketing and marketing type long tail keywords keywords market can not let go.

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