Cold stone how to combine industrial project and Shanghai dragon

2, analysis of its advantages.

3, with the advantage of others.

1, analysis of the local natural advantages.

own Shanghai dragon and the establishment of the technology, assuming no funds to invest, can be tied to familiar with the business development together, because they have money, you can not understand the technology, cooperation. You have a buddy, named Wen Zi, "

learning Shanghai dragon, learning website, the purpose is to make money through the network can achieve some day in the future, passive income. Personally think that a lot of Wangzhuan form, a lot of people become the envy of the master in the higher fields, assuming today want to borrow Shanghai dragon to make money, simply relying on online posts to do some difficulty, learned Shanghai dragon and the establishment of the people know that the technology is not difficult, for a period of time to exercise if you want to master the basic skills, through technical transformation through the network, also need the help of line project. Wangzhuan = + + + project of Shanghai Longfeng station to look, this simple formula that is the most difficult to determine and implement the project. Select the project is actually not so difficult to imagine, the key is to position yourself well, know that they are a few pounds, analyze their advantages in which, in which their own strengths, the biggest advantage of play to the extreme can have the greatest productivity. The crap improper food to eat, how to choose a project? Don’t worry, then I will put my thoughts long winded a few words, for reference:


can learn from the professional, has gone into the familiar field, friends and classmates, relatives are engaged in the industry, and so on, to find their use can make use of resources. For example, I have a classmate, named disorderly, she majored in Business English, in Fujian, Putian, graduated from foreign trade companies in the work of the first half of the year, fully familiar with the foreign trade process, now the Shanghai Phoenix Station, majoring in English, knowledge of foreign trade and Putian local shoe products perfect together and start the export business, so a 20 year old girl can also do the export order including me, Big Brother Big Sister admire. I believe that, schoolmates can fully integrate their own resources will be better.

from the point of view, has its natural advantages and resources of each region, these resources in the country are very famous, for example, West Lake Longjing Tea, Leling jujube, Zhoucun, Maotai Town, Xinjiang Moutai old coarse melon, Ningxia wolfberry and so on. I believe anyone can know the advantage of regional industries, for example, I was in Shandong, Zhoucun, Zibo, we have four pillars: chemical industry (one of the four largest chemical industry base), ceramics (one of the four porcelain, textile (Hangzhou) north of Zhoucun, south of ancient agricultural and sideline products (Zhoucun) and other national brand Clay oven rolls), hypothesis selection industry will certainly be selected from these advantages in the industry. Before originally learning Shanghai Longfeng, many people have their own traditional industries in developed regions in N, can make use of these advantages to "borrow a boat to go to sea".

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