How the enterprise website and search engine optimization on Shanghai dragon a love

already said, the biggest problem is that we only to improve their own quality, the search engine will attract us, will risk being laws opposition with me, so I do website optimization which is the focus of the analysis, and is divided into nine points to discuss, hope you communicate with me.

2, the website structure optimization: as your introduction, you just started to meet with each other, to introduce their family to each other, as well as the structure of the site must be clear, to ensure that your user page or search engine came to normal quickly open and see what you do what. The search engine doesn’t love Flash, iFrames and Java script script too much, so keep the site clean and tidy, conducive to the search engine spiders to crawl faster and more accurate understanding of your website and you.

3, Website Title: introduce your family members like from the key to the general introduction, and each one has its own name, and only, can not be repeated. Here is not the Title Optimization excessive introduction, the specific details of the 贵族宝贝suining贵族宝贝/youhua/6.html of Shanghai Longfeng here we have said very clearly, do not know can contact me.

today, this title is said to her in time to chat with my friends, then how can we talk about this love? As the enterprise website of Shanghai dragon Er, the 2014 began to feel this year the enterprise website optimization have not previously done well, due to the rapid development of the mobile terminal. In the search engine market changes constantly, how to deal with the physiological changes we love Shanghai this "girlfriend"


said the enterprise website optimization Website optimization is or what type, it is clear to all of them is divided into two parts, 1. station optimization and 2. station optimization, there should be no other! Talk about the affair, the station optimization is our own, only our own personal strength, personality charm and beautiful all show to each other, "she will love you, standing outside the optimization search engine like laws and friends like them for your evaluation but also directly affect the degree of the search engine on your love, so I have before and search engines love, should do their own quality accomplishment.

1, domain name: as your unique identity is very important, when you meet for the first time she can remember you, if you choose the domain name is used search engine K, so as you are grabbing the public security case bottom, your site will be subject to a certain implicated in the future optimization. So when we must pay attention to the choice of the domain name domain name of the innocent, need to have certain skills, it is best to contain the keywords domain name. Before at the domain name is registered or search engine K.

, a station optimization:

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