From the customer’s point of view on love Shanghai recommendation engine

and vertical portal better cooperation, it will undoubtedly make love in Shanghai with a large electricity supplier website to get the "win-win" effect, and this problem, "

love Shanghai recommendation engine is active users found the current or potential demand, active push information, applications and services to users of Internet technology. Cross domain recommendation is a recommendation engine based on the emphasis on the use of general recommendation technology, cross platform information, applications and services recommended.

search for apple, because of the famous mobile phone brand name is apple apple, Chinese. So the ranking is very good, even the first page of the content, are very high search rankings to the first row. Shanghai love video search: the films of Fan Bingbing apple in the first row, but also because the relevant search volume, the reasons for the high click rate.


today by visiting the forum, is used in the hair of the chain, I send the chain may not all kind of manual group, because there is no need, just want to keep a site, so I’m not the man, released the manual. See an article, is that Shanghai has started from the end of 2011 to deploy their technical backbone, R & d love Shanghai recommendation engine system, which is to create more meet the needs of users to search the site.


"fast, accurate, fine" is the most comprehensive judgment of the search results for user satisfaction

if you love Shanghai with customized service. Such as through the identification, according to my search habits, as well as a large number of natural search statistics, find the most suitable for my custom search position show, more in line with my personal search habits so far show, no doubt can make love in Shanghai praised the "one home" model can achieve better.

Although intelligent

home page and the overall rankings, only the Encyclopedia of Apple’s explanation, most of the other is optimization on electronic products Apple Mobile phone. However, the search results will indeed lose part of user groups, such as really just want to eat apples, or for Apple users, they need not digital products of the apple brand, but the need for food – apple. Although this number will be less, but it’s a part of the search engine group. The first search is not accurate, will trigger the second search for relevant keywords about other can eat apples, and second times the search for users, is a kind of inconvenience, because the first search is not accurate, and can quickly solve the problem, not the accurate search for answers, will allow customers feel convenient and efficient.

search engine, but it can only be caused to trigger click data. The following is my search for "apple" two words in love in Shanghai after the results, you can see a screenshot of the content, the so-called search engine rankings, is based on the user triggers the search to show, but also rely on the views, and browse depth to rank.


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