Don’t let sensitive words be standing on the grounds of search engine K

many of my friends to see a lot of Shanghai Longfeng article, always love Sike keyword density, found a lot of people say the keyword density is kept between 2%-8% in stationmaster net inside, feel the website keyword density is not enough, deliberately to stack keywords. I checked the website keyword density, the highest is 8.3%, the lowest 1%, as shown in figure


station of TKD is not very well written, with most of the website TKD information is used to invoke the program, it is not flexible, causing the site to be included in the search engine, search engine to determine the site content is repeated, it will appear.

we all know Shanghai dragon, is the most basic and most important, if the site drop right or K stand, then you must ask yourself the web content is collected, the original or false original, if it is collected, it is not normal. The optimization of enterprise website content are all original, to ensure that every day an update, update one or two days, because unlike other enterprise website, the content is a weakness. So I think my website Never mind in terms of content and K.

if I remember correctly, in April 4th, a large number of enterprise website, industry website is the collective right down, fall in love with the sea really will choose the time after the Qingming K station, he wants us this time next year to "memorial" about our dead website. I do not want to say. Usually this is the case, a lot of new Shanghai dragon will be at a loss what to do, all kinds of anxiety. Today, take a moment, to share with you, out of this problem from the following aspects to analyze your website, then modified.

3, keyword density

1, the death of 2, whether the acquisition of

Many companies


these are natural keyword density, there is no deliberate optimization and piling up, so, even if more than 8% is no problem, so get rid of this problem caused by K.

4, whether frequent modification of meta tags website information

chain chain specific harm, which will affect the website, you can find Baidu to ask, to solve the method. We can use the home station chain query tool, if it is found that the chain’s problems quickly resolved, if not continue to look down.

probably Tomb-sweeping Day after the holidays, I optimize a business website is to love Shanghai station pull hair, the reason I have been concerned has been to find the problem, has no clue. Until yesterday afternoon, I really find the site where the problem, maybe a lot of people think, what is the specific problem, we can continue to look down, is to develop a solution to solve the problem of site drop right after the search engine.

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