A real dragon mentality of college students in Shanghai

first entered university in our class has a lot of students choose to be part-time, I also with the past, one afternoon in a Hefei square followed ass hair leaflets, I feel very tired, my heart is not, why are we who have tried knowledge this grievance. I give up this, I started to put my sights on network business.

the University found that the university is not so good I thought. College kids love learning has very little, when the class lecture on the blackboard, the students play in the mobile phone, whether has become a thing of the It is quite common for. After the university to know the social vices, such as money worship has spread to this has been given the sanctity of the campus, there are some very rich kids on campus, they can wear brand, can every school holiday, parents have to pick up the car, some is BMW, some the opening of the Mercedes benz. Suddenly I found that I am so envy and jealousy.


Shanghai Longfeng learning road is tortuous encountered many difficulties, the beginning of my knowledge of the most basic server are not very understanding of what the Kaiyuan program is not very understanding, I don’t even know exactly what website to learn. Fortunately, I have bought a computer for my relatives and friends, I started my career in Shanghai dragon. In Shanghai Longfeng study, I was learning through the Internet, I love bubble forum, especially on the aspects of the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, when I started to the famous Shanghai dragon why to learn, then I know Zac, then I bought.


I was a sophomore in reading, born in 90 years. Childhood is very interested in computer, but poor family can’t afford to buy a computer, then to the university when the home reluctantly bought me an ordinary computer. And the computer or the two of my uncle bought me. Parents are migrant workers.

‘s parents are ordinary people, not what the big boss, not what university professors, not what the big star. I didn’t complain. What, I just want to through their own efforts to change it all.

so I set my sights on Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon learning is boring, we have any guidance of the teacher, I have to pay for the economy of Shanghai Longfeng expensive training institute. I started to learn Shanghai Longfeng knowledge through the internet.

and most Internet entrepreneurs, we have common experience of being cheated, once we have done Zhuan project has been unprofitable. When I started to engage in bidding for the auction, I think everyone is very clear, no advertising to earn interest, how to put profits products. For a student, where there are so many of our supporters to economic investment, I gave up the bid.

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