n 2016 9 external chain website layout

love Shanghai canceled the chain, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er novices do not know how to optimize the site, and the site of the external promotion of the workload is very large, if the wrong way, it is easy to be K station.

so specific how should we do? Just like the Shanghai dragon to share some good form of the chain for you.


1, in the forum and community to stay outside the chain of

quiz links are very important to the website promotion, many people say is not to leave the link, is actually a lack of skills, can see the figure, the man left a successful link, we can see that the mobile phone is PC question, answer, so we should do more tests.

(3), post. Any one industry has certain resource requirements, such as everyone in the production of this kind of resources, the author added in the following address copyright, and that, if someone wants to use free of charge, the need to retain the address of the author, and then put these free resources to spread out, so you can wait to receive the link.

before the Shanghai dragon in an article mentioned, now the site outside the chain has returned to the state of some of the most – flow + brand

Just like !

soft releaseNo matter how variable


just like Shanghai Longfeng observed a lot of posts, summed up the chain to form a few good:

(2), answering posts. Set your own nickname to be industry experts, and brand, and then set up a answering posts, answer new questions, to top posts in question answering process, this post fire, brand exposure.


algorithm, the function of the soft Wen seems to have never been weakened, today you get a high quality articles to contribute, if included, tomorrow will find that your article was reproduced a large number of websites. So high.

garbage chain algorithm based on chain forum function has been weakened to be ignored it, and now add the forum to post their own export link in with nofollow, so basically the signature, the chain like comments can not use, then the forum outside the chain should how to send

or we can put these resources collected and packaged to the ad, in order to free the way to share out, requiring users to stay in the mailbox message, realize the top stick effect, let the post fire, and thus attract huge traffic.

(1), live post. To open a topic, continue to release value, continue to push the industry related information or experience, put this post to the fire in the broadcast process, and then embed their own website brand word in the post, in the process of continuous exposure to release the value of the brand.

2, in the quiz website with link



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