Combat experience how smooth and fast out of the sandbox love Shanghai

two does not rely on search engines to ip

(1) classification website is a good place to have a variety of classification is associated with you, and with the donkey (about 58), people, and other large classified sites of huge advertising costs put in effect must be good we borrow their force post when language >

a content + Chain

for the chain to pay particular attention to a new station outside the chain, do not send out the deleted 10 links sent yesterday today to get up to check the remaining 2, this love will take you to the Shanghai station. Recommended to go to A5, so new bookmarks, BBS signature place to do outside the chain, the number up, new snapshot can change the friendship connection.

mentioned the majority of Shanghai dragon Er are the same, do good ranking is the original content and quality of the chain, said more than the number of small rookie friends will think this is a simple thing, in fact, this is most easily made in the initial establishment of the novice friends to mistakes, these two aspects give the following advice: two Teng

content is best original source, I have a lot of methods is to buy the book scanning, for the new station content should be most concerned about is the update frequency and time of the update, maintain once a day to update frequency can be close to love Shanghai, enhance the snapshot, let love the sea know that this is a good website people management. The number of each update is to tell you how to love Shanghai station is the size, this should be a measure, can according to your own execution to arrange the end is updated daily 2 article, or 4, some friends today to update 5 articles, tomorrow is not in a good mood update 1 articles, remember not to such reckless love, Shanghai will reduce the confidence of your site to stay in sand box test.

believes that the majority of Shanghai dragon er know love Shanghai is a sandbox for new sites, to fill up the old bird fly, the sandbox refers to the new online search engine can not judge the station is still normal station station, put it in the sandbox, to love Shanghai in search engine during this period, the specific performance is not our optimization ranking keywords Chinese station website sandbox in time about half a month to two months. Many new friends in this period also wrote the original article, the chain also can last is not ranked, had to give up this is actually become dejected and despondent, unfortunately, perhaps you insist on a month will be ranked two, Teng can realize the feelings of everyone, because it is the stage from the back, see the results do not do anything, how to shorten the sandbox period, what is the secret? Below two for everyone who share my way.

site in appearance in the atmosphere, enrich the content, no visitors are empty. Our main goal is to increase the site as much as possible for the flow of traffic to the site, there are a variety of modes of Shanghai dragon is one of the methods of operation, said the following about my short time popularity:

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