Eight details are easy to overlook the website of Shanghai Dragon

optimization in general is internal and external optimization optimization, a lot of time some people will feel optimization done worse than others, but also very hard. But why the website optimization for so long, the effect is not ideal, not others do well? Is often we ignore some of the details in the process of optimization, so the optimization effect is not obvious to us. Details determine success or failure, this is an eternal truth.

and URL

Shanghai dragon

website has now replaced the important position of the keyword, but it is now a lot of people are not very concerned with this description now is not only helpful to keywords ranking, but also help users on the website of the judge. First determine your core keywords, and then focus on the core keywords arrangement and combination of key phrases or sentences. Coupled with the business scope, such as product / service, industry positioning, and corporate names or brand names. The description should be a sentence containing the target keywords, summarizes the website, to meet the user’s reading habits.

in the purchase of domain to buy in a regular place, while the domain name is used, if used drugs to find out history of the domain name, not confused with a friend, before the station optimization is good, but there was no way to know what improvement, finally a K a few times to buy the domain name. The host on the search engine ranking has great effect, avoid the use of free hosting at the same time to choose a reputable hosting provider when searching host provider, but from time to time, let you give you something wrong with you can’t afford.

some people love the site do fancy complex, actually site directory structure simple the best, this is not only conducive to the user click on view, but also conducive to spider crawling, the web directory tree structure built flat, the user clicks to the target page should not exceed 4 words. There is a unified URL, unified URL is not only convenient for optimization, but also can reduce the weight of the same page dispersed, different URL may also cause duplicate pages.

, a domain name and server

two, meta

information description The effectiveness and universality of Three, directory structure

a lot of people every day in the hair of the chain, the chain ah, ah, every day in the non-stop, there is some chain platform at hand, then is a strength in this one place to send out, the construction of the chain that is cheating. The chain had to effectively, but also the effect of the bigger the better, your work will recommend a wine.

Shanghai dragon is using search engine rules to improve website ranking in the search engine in the way. Say it is very simple, but often some details may lead us to stagnate, so we in the process of Shanghai dragon must pay attention to some of the details are easily forgotten.

four, outside the chain

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