The website was hacked to do [solutions]

1, view the web page source code (in the "right click" view source "), whether there has nothing to do with the content of the web site links, and garbled text.

1, open the web site (normal access), head of each page in the source code or tail (minority will appear elsewhere) can be found in the accumulation of links corresponding to add their own external links, the user is not found to add their own.

(not be familiar with the operation of FTP and the website backstage business users can open new technical support to business district posts for help, there will be a special technology for you!)

(only MetInfo3.0), so that the site has been black users will own website recover.

4, open the website directly appear error message (free users to determine not to remove the copyright case), and then jump to the official website. Reason: the hacker technology is not skilled, improper operation, affecting the system file encryption.

5 and other abnormal situations.

3, through a variety of Trojan detection detection program.

5, according to the MetInfo system, login FTP, open the root directory under the Templates folder, if it is black, can be found in addition to other files outside the template folder (which is the core of your website hacker Trojan file).

3, when the background account password, but found through the correct username and password can not log in the background, and the wrong password. That is because hackers modify your password.

are linked to the Trojan:


2, log FTP, view the file modified time (static pages except), whether in your file is modified time performed

2, with Firefox open the web page you will find that the lower right corner of QQ like pop ads.

found their website was hacked, don’t worry, seriously in accordance with this post operation, you can put hackers from their sites to kick out.

download the latest official patch: 贵族宝贝>

4, the space to inform you, that there are a lot of junk traffic to your website.

program: to understand some basic knowledge and methods of website code, more familiar with the users of the official file system can refer to the following. (website Trojan excessive unable to access the site, users feel incapable of action, please take second schemes.

here is the solution, please select an execution according to their own situation, to make sure that your website is restored.

This post provides several methods for

teach you several first identify whether the site is to hang a Trojan:

The characteristics of several kinds of operation? If

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