The key point can not be ignored in the construction of the chain visitors click behavior

outside the chain of the site construction is a key ring in the process of optimization, as the optimization personnel, we are constantly selling the chain of high quality. Especially in Shanghai this year launched the love: Scindapsus algorithm, a large complement and later: bead chain algorithm. We can see that these two algorithms are constantly driven by owners outside the chain of more high-quality construction. The stability of weight but many owners to define the quality of the chain is often limited to the value chain, the chain and the chain of correlation, while ignoring a key point is also very important, that is whether the chain can let the target visitors click action.

first, I think we should first do the analysis target visitors. Certain clear your target visitors love what platform "removed", visitors concentrated where we where to send the chain. Only to find the real site of our interested visitors, in order to ensure that visitors to.

when we understand that two visitors psychological, and know the importance of the chain can cause visitors click action, how can we build the chain can really cause a visitor clicks on the behavior of the

we know for a site, the highest quality of the chain than those we aim to release the chain of natural visitors. Because of this kind of chain is the most natural, most likely caused by other visitors. But for the vast majority of the fledgling new station, I want to let our visitors voluntarily for our construction site outside the chain is tell some fantastic tales. So we want to how to obtain the high quality of the chain? In fact, I want to point out is that we can imitate our target visitor’s behavior, let the chain we look more natural, no one can promote the traces, so that more visitors can go on the target.

for high quality of the chain, as the domestic search engine big boss love Shanghai is so explained: with the chain real recommendation intentions. So what is the real intention of the chain is recommended? I think so simple explanation many webmaster can understand. It is helpful to our visitors, the chain can cause visitors click behavior. Therefore I believe that can cause a visitor clicks on the chain will be Shanghai as if love is one of the important index of the high quality of the chain.

why I think visitors click behavior can see whether the chain has a real intention to recommend? The reason is very simple, we can first briefly analyze visitor chain click psychological. A visitor clicks on a chain is certainly a factor in several aspects of the trend. The first is the visitors interested in this link, link to the target page of interest, want to understand the content. The second is the visitors trust this link, the high degree of trust of visitors browsing pages, the chain will naturally trust above. At the same time, if the chain URL address is a formal and brief address is also easier to obtain the trust of the visitors. Which is actually the chain correlation of the two psychological portrayal of visitors.


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