The Shanghai dragon code optimization

(5) "reduce noise, highlight the theme of the page

web page code optimization:

of the web page code?

(3) to reduce the error code, improve the page of spider friendly

(2) improve the spider grab information on the speed and accuracy of

(3) JS reference documents, and more specific than the page’s better (after CSS JS).

Optimization for page label

here are some personal opinions, hoping to help each other.

, H1 is defined as the title, a title, it is unique. H2 is the two title, mainly in the text of the article titles. H3 is the three title, appearing the sidebar on the side of the page, H4-H6 generally appear less. It is worth noting that the difference in the page and, to emphasize the role of the keyword, but only the bold action.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we should not only for keyword optimization, code optimization is also essential.

how do we optimize the

(5) for the error code, we can check the use of 3W tools.

(1) in the presence of excess ", we must learn to remove junk code. There are pages of junk code will have spaces, comment tags block, nested tags, superfluous empty etc.. Such as: at the beginning of each line or at the end there are a large number of spaces, we need to delete these redundant code, there is a blank line. Remove blank lines with a simple and quick method: you can use the key combination shift+Tab code to delete HTML code edit mode press ctrl+A select code.

(2) using div+css layout. Div+css style can streamline many style, design website template part out, put in a separate folder for the web site maintenance and change are very convenient. And can increase the page browsing speed, increase customer friendly visit. The layout in CSS, have good naming conventions, the appropriate code comments.

(1) can reduce the volume of web pages, faster page download speed;

(4) for the optimization of the picture, the picture website is not the more the better, but to have the picture, to improve the property of the ALT images, it is best to use a target keyword description.

(4) to facilitate the management of maintenance, improve the work efficiency of

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