You can modify your website title

3. in the modification of the title of the website at the same time, should also consider the user experience. Some owners in the modify site title regardless of the visitor’s reading experience, in order to emphasize the use of keywords, keywords far fetched for a title, which is not consistent with the user experience. In fact, in many cases, a smooth and eye-catching title can attract more users to click.

if you just simply modify the site title and content update did not follow up, so the spider will lose interest on your website crawling back, ranking drop, snapshot, weight reduction is inevitable.

so, what method can not only complete website of the title of the amendment, and does not affect the rankings and the weight of the site? Come and see the old experienced webmaster how to modify the site title.

for the on-line less than three months of the website, advice >

simple approach is modified in the title, on the modified keywords to write some original articles to consolidate key words. Insist on after a period of time, the anchor text in the station outside the station and also add these words.

4. in the site title before the amendment, make sure to update the content of the website. The purpose is to modify the site title to attract search engine spiders visiting, grab more pages. The timing of the website content update, can attract the spider crawling website according to certain rules, thus speeding up the website included snapshot, update and weight increase. So, if the webmaster want to modify the site title, then to update the content of the website is essential.

2. in the modify site title, keyword density increased attention. This is why? In fact, the purpose is very simple, is to let the search engines know, although the site title change, but no relevant keywords adjustment, thus, to facilitate the search engine to identify your website, without new concept, so as to reduce the risk of a web site is down right.

many owners lack of system planning and design at the beginning of the site, some sites will frequently modify the on-line, and the website title (title) is one of the main contents of many novice webmaster to modify. However, after many webmaster found the site title change, not only the website keywords ranking drop, the website weight decreased with the love of Shanghai, whether it is business or personal web site, this is a great blow.

to modify the site title, do not make significant changes, can make local modification of the title or to modify the word, but must not from the site or page theme. Once the theme of the site changed, the website title and content will change accordingly, then the search engine will need to consider your site drop right is reasonable.

see the topic many webmaster want to laugh at me, this is not a very simple thing? In fact! Although it is still necessary to talk a commonplace talk of an old scholar.

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