Your road to Shanghai dragon competition achievements


our company is located in Hubei Suizhou, this city is a professional LED advertising vehicle, there are dozens of manufacturers in the production of the LED car advertising, as sales network has become a trend now, so every company is not equipped with several LED advertising vehicle Shanghai Longfeng personnel, so love Shanghai search the LED car advertising keywords, search volume is greater than the amount of peer search by real customers. We all know that click will bring weight, so if your web site can provide some valuable information or content, a peer will remember your site, and will give you a website to bring a large number of hits. Many people always say love peers will not easily click on your website, even click on the jump out rate is very high, if you can put your website to attract peer reading, the bounce rate is. So you do not mean that a website called pictures or information, let colleagues or customers free to download it at your convenience, the others at the same time, people also brought the weight for you, Why not??

We are afraid of

2. and the Shanghai dragon peers. A lot of Shanghai dragon in the face of their peers, not his own experience of Shanghai dragon to share with others, always want to isolate ourselves, this is undoubtedly a practice. A very simple truth, you have not thought about why you want to exchange Links? In fact, the main reason is to play a complementary and mutual promotion. Many people always think that the new sites in Links, but if you have a selfless heart, the same is >

we do the main purpose is to obtain the flow of Shanghai Longfeng keywords designated from the search engine, so as to achieve our goal. People think Shanghai dragon as a man, if you are always in order to obtain their own interests, then your keywords ranking even make up will not be too long. So the selfless heart in Shanghai Longfeng community is also very necessary. Here to share with people doing some experience for everyone in Shanghai dragon.

1. we always hate peer into our website. This is a common problem for everyone to make, do not know you have found that many companies are now afraid of their own website pictures of products by peers have their own website stolen, so the pictures and some watermarking such as its own brand name, address, telephone and other interfering sales of things. If our peers are want to collect pictures from our website, we will see the watermark directly out of the website, and your competitors will not to click on your website. In fact, as long as the commercial keywords, if the industry has been a mature period or more counterparts when you search competition rival search volume is likely to exceed the peers, we can love from Shanghai can understand this index, sacrificing my industry data to you look, please see below:

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