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here I give you a data:

but few can find the key, the basic know are: find words and words, then some Title Optimization rules, will not have what practical or actual effect, we see all these.

literally better understand. Is the case of Taobao keyword closely arranged priority display, of course there is a premise, weight is less.

is in the search for "others are large size women", "fashion show is the first large size women", after the "fashion show large size women", this is the first show of closely spaced principle.


the following terms under the title hunt killer direct optimization of the 4 core technology:

1. closely spaced priority display


will see these some new Mongolia? Seems not learned in other places. Yes I would laugh, want this kind of feeling, hey. Here I would like to tell you the 4 key points in the end is what meaning.

said here I want to ask you a question, there is no time in the title, find some keywords with spaces? Similar to the "large size women" and "leather bag" this keyword. I >

, a closely arranged display priority

For example:


in search of "large size women" and "women’s code" these 2 keywords, we can see that although the order of keywords, but the search volume is the same. But when you search for "large size women" and "dress code", order, search volume less 60 times. From here we have our second core technologies – regardless of the order, but there is a premise that is to have a space to reverse the effects of independent.


4. core

fashion large size women "and" fashion large size women "of these 2 words, arguably as long as people search for fashion large size women" 2 words can be displayed, but there are seldom people know a secret, is in this case, closely arranged will first show.

Title Optimization is like a net, buyers like fish, can catch many fish. You will see the network is not enough precise mesh.


two, regardless of the order effect of

want to optimize a good title, although not so simple, but seldom talked some a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the core content can optimize the title.

Regardless of the order effect of

3. with a space to

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