See the search engine marketing industry trends from the love of Shanghai

4. now I own a clear feeling, is the Shanghai dragon is no longer alone Shanghai dragon, but need to combine with the product, the customer experience into account, perhaps one day the search engine does not exist, we do not own the customer base.

2. is the primary consideration of keywords enterprise network promotion topic, search by the behavior of customers, identify keywords and long tail keywords, but personal ability to the whole network keyword analysis and extraction, analysis and determine the need to rely on many years of experience and tools to complete the long tail keywords, which is in constant change in.

5. is connected with the external force in the role of the network optimization will be weakened, and the value of experience is more and more important station.

had the honor to participate in the June 14th Shanghai love safety training course promotion, enterprise product promotion is the promotion of Shanghai love investment also has Shanghai Longfeng natural optimization combination, the participants of the enterprise yesterday has travel, machinery, medical etc., through nearly 3 hours of communication, I have gradually realized the simple Shanghai Dragon skills, 8 every day the first thing is to look at the Shanghai love what changes, what updates to our website, this time is also the most exciting moment, we mainly do the domestic market so pay attention to love Shanghai more, regardless of nobility baby instead of ranking is better, it is perhaps natural and reasonable results. Through these years of practice of Shanghai dragon and continue to explore, I write in this industry of Shanghai dragon and all kinds of products combining the understanding of

optimization of a target keyword first need to understand the basic situation of the industry and competitors, to determine the initial optimization of the keyword difficulty and the optimization time, generally one hand can receive 3 case has been very good, don’t fall into the optimization of dozens of sites, up to the most optimization are not a instead, against their confidence. When I was a person in the absolute optimization keywords, usually in Shanghai love to look at the search return keyword search results for the keywords we number, returns the number of aerated concrete equipment is about 2 million 300 thousand or so, this would require a lot of experience to optimize, by 3 to >

1. from 2007 I contact the network marketing and network promotion, in-depth understanding of search engine on the benefits of enterprise development, are also trying to make more sense of achievement. 5 years of feeling more and more pure Shanghai Longfeng, daily attention to search engine algorithm more and more small, now the enterprise competition is more and more big, Shanghai dragon itself is not technical, not what canon, with the most simple method is to achieve the ultimate industry myth.

3. is bidding and Shanghai Longfeng combined, according to the different keywords to choose different marketing methods, some key words must be bidding, but some key words is can be optimized, the cost savings for businesses and different location.

We used

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