Shanghai love to share experience and bring the value of Shanghai Dragon

1, and other sharing, can help the site get traffic and external information, if you are on the site to share links, do not prevent its own website to share links for love in Shanghai, maybe on your own rankings will have a certain role.


2, there is no official description of the Shanghai love sharing can give search engine rankings have help, but users pay attention to website is excellent, from this point, each user will find a search in the search engine results in Shanghai on the edge of the "thumb" number information. Also inform the user of the platform, how many "thumbs up" to encourage the recommendation, for example: the website is only 5 thumbs recommended, ranking third websites but there are more than 200. "

The search engine

is the best love Shanghai share, actually can do the following suggestions on reason:


love Shanghai share launched and will not feel any difference, along with the development of Internet and mobile Internet will be the search engine with the development and trends of the market change a lot, it is also the key point of future love Shanghai survival, the future market will be in the mobile Internet, which is the key to whether Shanghai can stop love China Internet leader, love Shanghai share of attention from the point of view, the current Shanghai share love can say is love Shanghai in an algorithm do collect or test the water phase, will be applied to the entire Shanghai love algorithm among the future, we are concerned about the love of Shanghai will occupy the position and share love Shanghai algorithm can occupy the majority, see a lot of friends in a recent article basically this point can be rejected, because love brush Shanghai sharing tools have emerged, this point believe that love should be in Shanghai expected, the share of the result and the user might be love Shanghai next concern.

love Shanghai’s share will affect the whole website ranking, now not a friend to say to or not, and empathy (love Shanghai is concerned about the user experience, the user is able to obtain more information to their advantage) then love Shanghai sharing is to share the user for approval information (equivalent to recommended), the points that the excellent website recommend and share number will be more, also shows that the more users of the site, from this point of view the logic is, just in details how to control the problem.

recently launched Shanghai Shanghai love love to share of Shanghai dragon industry to produce very much suspicion, the main reason is not to bring much IP to share traffic, but why love Shanghai share will be directly displayed in search results of search engine, and directly reflect the data, the difference between an Google +. This is why people love Shanghai special attention recently to share more love, Shanghai can share a love of Shanghai algorithm? Whether can get the love from Shanghai to share in the keyword ranking value? Whether there is a technique of cheating

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