The chain you are effective

just learning time is a blog, got a few, but have no hair the chain, can send some false original article. Later, when the chain effect is good. Sina is the second, love Shanghai space within an hour is included. But after a few days in Shanghai space is not included is a link to the article, was not included in, no links are not included, now directly pulled the hair, a all have no, K was finished, the tragedy. Sina also, although also change, there is a link to the article some included some not included, but still can be, after all my original false plus links. So they can. In a few days and got a few blogs to do the experiment, have there, Sohu, and NetEase, and gold, blog bus, these, each I apply for each account, then every day to the several blogs inside the pseudo original, the number of blog inside each hair are similar. A few days to see included, because my pseudo original are about the same quality, sometimes a pseudo original also several times, so they collected about can see which blog for the chain blog. A few days after the experiment finally decided to use there. If a few more.

just started to know the chain, but also know that new sites can not be too much. So the site a few days began to send the chain. What the chain is the most easy, of course, is the forum signature, so all day watching post back to the post, also dare not to return. Every 30 or so, and distribution in several good forum, A5, the laggards, Shanghai dragon why, 28 push, push and so on. Each forum back several posts. Because I know that the egg can not be placed in one basket. To tell the truth, BBS signature of the chain is outside the chain of the most easily. See post back post, but learning also can send the chain, shoot two hawks with one arrow. After a while I found my chain seems too monotonous, breed is single, the effect is not so good. But after listening to a speech class decided to do the other ways the chain. The lesson is that the search engines can identify what BBS signature is the chain, what is outside the chain of soft Wen and so on. If the search engine which day shields the signature chain that is a tragedy. So early or by other means outside the chain as well. Start external in Sina, Shanghai space love his blog chain since then.

because I am a novice, do contact station and Shanghai Dragon 3 months, what are explored in learning, so we did a lot of useless things, a lot of effort didn’t effect. But as it was time to make me slowly progress.

we do outside the chain, the chain must check if you are doing, whether it is collected. Don’t use a lot of energy and time to do outside the chain to the last are not included. Not included means nothing. It is really time-consuming effort! So we need to check the chain, where the chain included, how do the chain easy included. These are all need to practice to summarize, today in my new sites for example about the problem.

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