How to get a strong flow by linkbait

news, 2 topics.

link bait?

believes that everyone will encounter such problems in the website optimization, website optimization has no effect, ranking off, and the chain effect is not too, link seems dull, this time, we must use what situation method to change the website, improve website weight. Today, Chen Chen came to share, how to obtain the powerful flow using

I believe we all know love Shanghai share, love Shanghai is a share for the owners to use third party share plug-ins, users can share button will be forwarded by quality of the contents of the website into dozens of popular social media. In my website upload love Shanghai share code, may be brought to the site more well-known social media return flow. However, if your website is not good enough, it is best not to wear, after all.

to get the linkbait powerful flow

3, resource application.

love Shanghai encyclopedia is such a definition, link bait is simply refers to the creation of useful, interesting and attractive content, so as to attract other webmasters, the blogger’s attention, generate external links.

The latest

if the most recent news topics, such as registration, you can keep the first time so you can think of the effect, generally the first broke the news website, tend to attract eyeballs absolute. But, want to do what must be professional. Like the recent active topic of Dongguan " ", believe that such search volume is relatively large, the user is concerned, you will have to write out highlights.

4, sharing plugin.

1, the original article submission and share.


what is linkbait

if you are technicians, has a very advanced technology, to develop programs that you can use the resource type of application. For example map. I believe many websites to respect the user experience, to better show the embedded map. As for the technical staff, if you set this application, you can download the user at the same time, embedded in your web site. As more users to download, continue to upload to your own website, you can achieve the effect.

said the original article submission, believe that the webmaster at A5, home owners will often find that by writing some pure original articles, the user to share their valuable knowledge. And when you share at the same time, we can finally add a relevant link to your website and the corresponding propaganda. This point is to say, need to put the articles published on its website, love Shanghai included after, you can go to the other platform for submission and sharing, otherwise Shanghai would love is different according to the included time, your definition of reproduced or acquisition, then The loss outweighs the gain..

How to use

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