On how to Links webmaster platform to search for high quality chain

and view the contents of the site each other. When can find the site to exchange before, we should first look at each other’s website content is healthy, whether to have the search engine keywords shielding words, like some illegal or inappropriate keywords to the site, even if the weight again >

1, Links platform visibility, generally have Links platform visibility have certain advantages in all aspects, and the webmaster is also more trust this platform to find the Links.

. Select Links platform is the site to do the chain, and the chain such as the stability is strong enough, the natural site is good, also can let other webmasters to find your site.

followed by the analysis of relevant website types. Looking for friends of the chain through the Links platform, natural correlation is indispensable, and now the search engine for Links related special attention, as the saying goes, Like attracts like., standing group of points. And because the exchange to bad Links site to harm is immeasurable, because many of the sites Links caused by K occurs. And the correlation between Links than in the ordinary Links can help improve the website ranking weight, so to find the quality chain, correlation is a need to pay special attention to the factor.

The use of

everyone is more or less the Links search engine, see rule of Links regarded it as the chain of the site to see, through the YAHOO query tool chain can be seen, the friends of the chain is a chain, many webmaster to separate the chain with the chain, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, all the links are called the site outside the chain, but also through other sites Links import links, nature is a kind of the chain, but sometimes is bidirectional. So, for Links like chain. Today I share is for friends of the chain, we all know Links platform, many webmaster above is to do outside the chain, but outbound links a Links platform so much, can the quality of the chain in the above do really? I don’t know. I only know that I want to share today is to find the method of the quality of the chain through the Links platform:

3, domain name. Many of the Links platform are two with even three domain names, in fact also shows that not Links platform that is the webmaster of the flagship product, but if the operation is not good, it’s easy to turn off, naturally it is impossible to provide a stable chain. So, for Links platform selection, link platform is not on the line, each of these factors analysis is still very critical.

first choice Links platform. Since the emergence of go9go8 chain platform, then the emergence of a large number of friends of the chain platform. But many webmaster love through Links platform for Links, for Links platform selection, the main points are:

2, the stability of

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