How to correctly use the love Shanghai statistics

through the "lifting" list of search engine optimization can from the source type, search engine, search words, website design aspects of analysis of the main factors causing the site to flow changes, evaluation of the reasons of website promotion effect, find the change of flow rate.

in the "trend analysis", the search engine optimization can according to different time intervals to statistics, such as daily, weekly and monthly.

in Shanghai statistics, "the source analysis" provides a unique feature called "lifting" list for any reason analysis of flow changes within two days.

love Shanghai statistics provide dozens of graphical reports, can tracking visitor behavior. At the same time, analysis and noble baby, love also love Shanghai and Shanghai to promote the integration of statistical data, help the user to understand the love of Shanghai promotion effect and optimize the promotion plan (integrated statistics is the nobility of the noble baby baby AdWords).

in addition to different statistics according to the time, can also according to the browsing amount (PV), the number of visits, the number of visitors (UV), a new visitor number, IP number, bounce rate, average access time, average access times, pages, conversion conversion index to generate different access statistics report.

love is love Shanghai statistics Shanghai launched a free professional website traffic analysis tool, it can tell the user how visitors find and browse the site’s users, what visitors have done on the web site. Through these information, can help improve the website owner visitors on the site using the experience, and constantly improve the website return rate of investment.


2. love Shanghai "statistical analysis of the source of"

"trend analysis" refers to a period of time people access to intranet statistics website. The flow increases, said users enhance the degree of concern on the site; flow down, that reduces the users of the site’s attention.

for search engine optimization for the love Shanghai statistics "trend analysis", can understand the promotion or website improvement. As the basic assessment of the overall effect of search engine optimization.

3. love Shanghai statistics page analysis

1. love Shanghai statistics "trend analysis"

search engine optimization through love Shanghai statistical source of "analysis" report, know which sources bring more effective visitors to the site, and the reasonable planning of search engine optimization keywords, network promotion plan, promotion channels and other implementation details.

The main function of

currently love Shanghai statistical features include: trend analysis, source analysis, page analysis, visitor analysis and search engine optimization in common tools.

source analysis is the analysis of the distribution of the source of traffic on the site, such as the recommended site, search engines and direct etc..

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