How to face this hurdle website optimization keywords

1. the choice of keywords. Keyword selection is a crucial problem. Here, an appropriate keywords, will make you money tube, instead, a bias of keywords, will harm you in vain wouldn’t work, but did not see any effect. Faced with such a choice, we do website optimization, so the choice of it, how to select a suitable keywords? In fact, the choice of keywords is not so terrible, as long as our own research will have a satisfactory. First of all, the choice of keywords to consider the purpose and core content of our website. Website optimization are aware of each website has its own core purpose, so we should choose the keywords and the website must be appropriate to the core. Such as: I optimize a main tea site before, so the words can be tea, tea, tea, tea, tea, tea culture, tea and all related content to do optimization. Secondly, the choice of keywords we can also refer to our competitors or peer approach. Find their website to see what is their main keyword optimization, what are the advantages and disadvantages, and then establish their own keywords optimization. Do know, this is also a good method to choose keywords. Secondly.

website optimization is a complex and lengthy process, in order to optimize the site planning and design from the beginning of our website, then go to the site to optimize the result we want, but to say so but it may not be easy. We did the network optimization know website optimization is a very complicated process cumbersome, we may be hard every day to do a lot of work, but look at the website of our data is still not what. But since the beginning we must do so, for a long time it will have a good result. Since that is the case, which will encounter a lot of difficulties, so today I want to share with you is the key to this bridge, when we face this hurdle to keywords in the optimization of the web site.

we all know the website optimization aim is to attract more people to come to our website, and then transformed into our website products and services for consumers. The key here is to improve our website optimization website reputation and increase access to web traffic. So how can we do that? Key words, many experienced people may think of this website optimization. The keywords, play a crucial role in the site optimization process at the moment, if we do, we will flow by leaps and bounds, if you do not, it would only be faced with poor data, empty sigh so long I wasted so much time and energy. So what keywords? That is the so-called keyword search method is one of the main index, the specific name is hope visitors to understand the product or service or companies and other terms. So when we do website optimization keywords how to face this hurdle? Here I am from my personal website optimization experience and perspective of how to face keywords.

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