f you can’t stand these then don’t do it in Shanghai Dragon

is arguably the Dragon Boat Festival should be a holiday for three days, but I still enjoy a day of vacation, from yesterday began to put into normal work, even if there is overtime, I think we should also not willing to use their own holiday for RMB. But this is the exclusive characteristics of Shanghai Longfeng industry, as long as the Internet does not rest, we have no reason to rest, especially when they took over the new station, you can because of holiday and stop the normal update


like I said, if you do website optimization this line, you have to face the pace of life is not the law of reality, that is to site sometimes sacrifice yourself a lot of spare time, because the Internet is different from other industries, this is a very high rate of change in the industry, we must we should always pay attention to the latest trends, seize the reasonable time for a reasonable optimization of the site, such as you are now to do a new content, but this time you want to sing, the party can do it? You may readily, but one day not update the site would be miserable, so do the real Shanghai dragon, we must be "site optimization" as a part of your life, or you do not long in this industry. You have a lot of friends is because of this reason left the Shanghai dragon, from this point of view, you may become a member of the crowd.

website in order to improve the volume, improve site traffic, rely on what? I believe that many owners have said without thinking, site optimization! Yes, no matter what others say Shanghai dragon in the future, the present situation, website optimization is still the main channel we get free traffic. But this is not to say that optimize the website will have an immediate effect, as one of my friends put their wholesale A4 paper to do the home page, but the site still does not see improvement, which shows the site optimization and not we have astepping-stone to success in trading volume, the website wants to profit, we must learn to put their own hype, propaganda go out. And Shanghai dragon, you have enough psychological ability. Like previous day Shanghai update, many webmaster site drop right or the flow rate, this situation occurs frequently, if you can’t tolerate this joke Baidu, I think you don’t do, because love is always in the adjustment of Shanghai algorithm, there are >

website optimization effect is not immediate, sometimes "Baidu" will be rather baffling to make you mad.

is now at the graduation season, many graduates will officially enter their jobs in the year 7.1, and most of them are with the ideal of enthusiastic expectations, I don’t want to fight these lovely young man, but a sentence must say, when we choose the first job. The subjective factors are often hampered by their own judgment, so here I would say your own Shanghai dragon industry all sorts of "helpless", in order to let more want to join our new know you want to engage in the industry.

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the Shanghai dragon ER, the rhythm of your life will change greatly

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