Website construction three title set

3. content page title set

Keywords in the !)

then set the page title matters we need to pay attention to what

(2) the main keyword


home page title to include the website

column page title should be very simple and allows users to glance which is the classification interface, once the content can not be too much to distinguish, which the user experience will also affect the degree of. The weight of the site pages is very low, is not suitable for the layout of multiple keywords.

B. do not use the word brand name

website title set should be: column name _ brand, and this to the page title, not descriptive statement. The following figure:

1. page title set

finally make a summary: many owners may think it is a restraint on their own, indeed once the title set is not good, is a bound on the website. But as long as the construction site during the early start to do this, your site will be the talent shows itself. (this article from Huazhong altitude www.penxinw贵族宝贝 please keep the original

web page title settings should be: the title of the article _ brand, content pages must be very simple, only need to retain the title and brand words. Especially in some small and medium enterprise website, this is particularly important. Set specific details of the title of the page has three points: the number of keywords can only set a title, repeatability is low, and can not be home competition keywords.

sites tend to compete in the website homepage. In the page title in the reasonable layout of the main key words is very important, the writing of the title of the page is also having the skills.

(3) the title of the page needs to contain the brand keywords, convenient user and search engine recognition

(1) to the title in the 30 word, because most search engines will display so many characters


A. do not use special symbols

Most The The

2. website title set

C. do not repeat keyword stuffing

header can be separated by English symbol, a standard page title should be so: brand word keywords _ _ keywords _ keywords.

website is the website title three factors directly affect the primary factors of Web site keywords ranking. And thus change the title settings will affect the specific keywords ranking, especially web page title. When a new online site, site overall weight is not high, after you modify the site title, will affect the matching degree of the web site keywords, which affects the site’s ranking.

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