The hair is pulled out from the work site Due to negligence

for the site to be K, the punishment of the search engine on the webmaster is not surprising, although the webmaster is not willing to see such a phenomenon, often unhappy things in life which is helpless, nine in ten, in our unavoidable circumstances, then we can choose to bravely face, take my site is right, the day before the night was fine, but the second day in the morning to see the site has been K’s only home depressed, what is the use? Only try to solve as soon as possible, to restore the site collected and ranking.

in the coming days, every day I according to A5 diagnosis optimization group (贵族宝贝 Shanghai, Shanghai Longfeng.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai Longfeng.Html) to the diagnosis scheme strictly, do some basic work on the web site optimization according to the normal way, of course, during which a slightly increased update and the chain construction site and content. You have done all the work done with the recording, observation of dynamic website every day, look at your work or do white, have not achieved the desired effect, also can appear after the convenient website problems, timely find out the reason, learn the lesson.



will be the site for reasons, the punishment of the search engine, be right down, is also associated with their lazy weekdays often collect others website articles, but also because it is not to write their own original content, therefore, can not remember what the article had been issued before, so what is not hair, sometimes on the site. Often repeat content, although this was not his intention to operate, but caused trouble for the search engine, has attracted the attention of search engines. In addition, the construction of the chain is also done, without prior reference standards are optional, which day happy multiple several, not happy is not made, the number is not fixed, basically all is quite arbitrary, but has not done so for the record the site, there is a problem, you can not find the reason, every day so much, who can remember what day do what happened, to which the forum, website posted >

web site appeared to be K. At first I also don’t want to face, not willing to believe that is true, but eventually had to accept the reality. Once despair, but soon regained consciousness, the moment is not sad, blame, should as soon as possible to find the site was K, it is a pressing matter of the moment, by reason of punishment so I have on the recent work, to do a comprehensive inspection, but also unable to determine exactly which operation the problem, after eliminating it again and again, eventually to target several aspects, unfortunately, is unable to determine which, in the case of desperation, had to find the A5 diagnosis and optimization of Shanghai dragon group is a professional, not ashamed of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team, by virtue of their own years of experience take me, web site to do a comprehensive diagnosis within five working days, and also form a complete website optimization proposal ".

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