Through the discussion on how to increase website traffic chain layout

many owners are more concerned about the role of external links the site, often neglected in the value chain, in fact, inside and outside the chain chain, as long as do well in the chain can also enhance the website ranking, thus greatly enhance the website weight and flow, and compared with the chain link to get the internal flow more stable and transformation the rate is also higher, ha ha today is to talk about how the IT network through the chain layout increase website traffic.

webmaster on diversity in the chain may be more understanding, mainly in order to avoid because the chain is single and punished by a search engine, here I want to talk about is the "diversity", we all know that the role of the anchor text is directly improve the target keywords ranking, if the stations within the chain too diversification, will let the search engines to look in a short time is difficult to determine what is the focus of your site, the ranking of small and medium enterprise website keyword is very bad, so insist on diversity and appropriate "single chain" can quickly improve the keywords ranking increase the flow rate of the egg knife.

second: the chain layout should have "aggregation"

love now Shanghai has become more and more intelligent, do within the chain of more and more attention should be paid to the practical experience to the user and, unlike previous algorithms now love Shanghai, love Shanghai can already distinguish between "deceptive links" and "authenticity link", which does not conform to the user experience of deceptive links not only will not vote keyword ranking points, serious when can cause the site to drop right, so when do within the chain starting from the user experience > must

third: the chain layout should have "diversity"

The logic of the so-called

fourth: the chain layout should be "practical"

: the first chain layout to "logic"

is hierarchical, as the construction site, there must be a physical structure, the construction of the chain also need to have a logical level, low level page not only have contact with the upper page or home page, must have the mutual relationship between them, also in the chain is called to as a network, all levels of the page are interrelated and exist independently of each other, the low level transmit page weight for the high level and high level page page, and these weights are assigned to these pages, so that they have enough weight to get better ranking, so as to achieve the purpose of improving site traffic.

Use of

polymerization of the large sites are more numerous, is the strong correlation of the page "aggregation" to a page, this page on the one hand he associated with targeted keywords will be very high, and there are many information, will vote thus obtained in the search engine than ordinary page many, so this type of polymerization is easier to get the page ranking, and because of its "polymerization" his snapshot than normal pages easier and more fine, so its ranking is relatively more stable.


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