Three steps of the new opponent will do

do is the website ranking, but love Shanghai give us home only 10 positions, that is to say, the 10 position is that the winner sitting on the Shanghai dragon er must use the skills and experience to each other, in order to win the competition, the position of the home page.

The second step: to enrich the content of

this step is very important, many Shanghai dragon Er too much emphasis on the chain, the chain role is useful for the website ranking, but for a new sites, if the articles are not few, to make thousands of the chain, the end will only be loved in Shanghai >

The first step: the strategy of Shanghai dragon

any competition are all we need to prepare before the game, so is the Shanghai dragon, if not to study, so new sites is not qualified to beat the competition. New online, it is important to develop strategy, the strategy here, most mainly refers to the choice of keywords. I think, choose good keywords can really make new weaknesses, then slowly beat development, finally, in home position. For new sites, and this note what choose keywords? The author thinks that the following two points:


(1) to be tailor-made keywords. A lot of new online went blind choice keywords, such as the choice of some very broad terms, such as "buy clothes" and other words, these words are too broad and can not effectively transform flow, competition is quite large, new sites to do a short time is Arabian Nights, unless with the black hat. So choose new sites keywords first principles is to tailor, try to choose some of the industry’s long tail keywords, such as "where to buy clothes", "XX", this is the best clothes to reduce the working pressure, and make up also can bring a lot of effective traffic.

we are eager to sit on the 10 position, so we have to try to beat the other Shanghai dragon Er, but for a new sites, it is not easy to win. The new station to weight no weight, not to the quality of quality, and what should take to beat the opponent? Based on multiple new experiments, summed up a new station to really beat the opponent to do the following three steps: strategy research, enrich the content of foreign expansion. Here we analyze the following.

(2) to control the layout of the keywords. A lot of Shanghai dragon ER in new sites will tend to optimize a page or a single keyword, such excessive optimization may lead to fall right. So good control keywords layout is very important. The author suggests, can put the main keywords, which is a relatively high degree of difficulty, focuses on the optimization on the home page, and medium difficulty can be placed on the two page long tail word can be placed on the page, this page can spread the weight, can also make multiple keywords optimization is a kind of method is very effective to improve the flow of.

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