How do we go to the web site optimization process specification process optimization

third, constantly expand the optimization of our thinking. A lot of time optimization is not immutable and frozen, we need to continue to optimize the way of thinking and optimization, because love Shanghai algorithm constantly upgrade and update, and optimize our ideas should also continue to improve, for example, according to the different.

as everyone knows, website optimization is a system very strong work, why will appear many webmaster feeling helpless in the optimization of middle, is the preliminary optimization of the norms and procedures have not been seriously thinking and analysis, therefore, to optimize the mid all kinds of difficulties and unexpected problems, disarray, so let us how to optimize the process, as our system of Shanghai dragon and ER


in general, the following questions first, users can search what word, we have to analyze the user’s search related core keywords and long tail words, then carry on the layout and reflect on the website, the website is not related to the channel page, column page to load this term, to improve the weight for these words and the establishment of a special page. Secondly, in order to rank how are we doing? This is of course the old growth on the way every day, increase the quality of content for the website, to enhance the weight gradually get the ranking for the site looking for high quality of the chain. Finally, the ranking after how to let more users click on my site. If you want to get the weight of long-term site must consider factors such as click on the website, increase the user experience, reasonable layout and rapid access to these are effective methods to increase the click.

second, how to find ways for the website to enhance the flow of value. We know that the effective flow is the key to product transactions, in addition to optimize ranking, we will continue to look for other ways of the flow channels for the site, such as to set up an independent blog dedicated to optimize our master, can release the related sites in the classification of the rest of the letter information platform of product information, can go to some industry forum released related service or product information, as well as the current most popular WeChat or micro-blog marketing, are what we should be taken into consideration in order to improve the site traffic value, operation and maintenance of website optimization promotion is much necessary for us to optimize the site with the help of these foreign channels.

first, strictly regulate the optimization process. Why do we all know website optimization not content and the chain, but a lot of times indeed according to this idea to do, but still can not get the weight and ranking of this point is troubled by everyone optimization problem for a long time, in my opinion, the root of the problem is in the planning stage. If there is no previous detailed process and optimization strategy, later only by virtue of some trivial skill to think of what to do, even mechanically. It will Its loopholes appeared one after another. in the implementation process, optimize the reasonable system, the main purpose is to let Shanghai Longfeng er know they know what to do first what to do during the optimization procedure, what is important, what is not important.

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