Because the server is not stable due to right down can indeed recover soon

then stand in the search engine’s point of view, if a site is not open in a few days, it should belong to a normal range, because people will have special circumstances, such as illness, not to mention the machine? So when the server appears short error when both users and search engines can be forgiven. So this time, short time of the fault, will not have too much punishment, the weight will have to see the site, like some other server maintenance station, there are basically not affected, and the number of stations, the new station is for a server might be down the right one; therefore, this the maintenance time must be controlled, not too long.

site open is indeed a very difficult thing, because once the website does not open, it will directly affect the site, access to the normal user browsing information, seriously affect the user experience; therefore, the server problem is a very serious problem, we should try to choose a high quality the space in the purchase of space, at least it was stable, the second is the speed, a good space is the site of the foundation, is the foundation of Shanghai dragon.

then you may ask, since it is normal, why my site stopped three day in Shanghai to my station to drop right? The answer is very simple, the search engine should also pay attention to the user experience, could not have a few days to open the station has been placed in front of users click on it straight, obviously not open station also let users crazy, this is not to drop their signs? So this time to search engines in order not to affect the user experience, will temporarily take your stand a bit, put on the back, but the treatment is very slight, does not mean you the station not only take into account the user experience of search engine, it must do so.

so, within a short period of time the site open will not be greatly affected, due to server problems caused by reduced power also can quickly recover; the reason that can quickly recover because of my own recent batch of this station today has begun to recover, "

often pay attention to my article friends should know that in the two article, I have mentioned the importance of a server stability, which cited a case of my own recent experience, more than a dozen sites on the same server, the website three or four days open, coincides with the love of Shanghai the big update was killed, resulting in heavy losses. On an article and introduce the index of the amount of love love the sea view Shanghai statistics and the discovery of problems from the depths; today and you talk for server instability caused by search engine punishment should be restored, because this is my recent days experience, has been put into the show, so share with you also, I hope you later if encountered due to server instability can be reduced when, do not panic, because this kind of right down my personal feeling is mild, recovery should be relatively simple; the site within a short period of time not open is normal, then the lower right can be restored, will love Shanghai give the opportunity.

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