Discussion in the chain and website optimization

pages including the article page recommendation links on a product page. Before we talk about the article page recommended links to do 6-8, in fact this is not the case. Mainly to be decided according to the needs of users, if you belong to a hot industry, such as wedding photography, tourism, medical. So the chain is recommended in the article can be relatively more, can reach 8. But if you compare user groups very few industries such as machinery, construction, daily IP only a few dozen. This web site recommended articles within the chain in one or two can be, even can not recommended.

Recommended links recommended links


is the inside pages of the product is not the same, like the kind of life of common products such as clothes, shoes, computer, Soybean Milk machine, this product page can do about 4 product recommendation, and recommend products of the same brand of different styles of 4% three, other brands can also do 1/4 the recommended. Because the user may have comparative behavior, a brand can not meet the demand. For example, we sell a Lining shoes, next to the other three recommendations, can also recommend a Nike style about shoes to meet when the user needs to choose other styles. But for the minority industry is not the same, such as generator. A man wanted to buy diesel generators that is to buy diesel generators, the probability of him to buy other contact less products is very small. A user may buy a computer mouse to buy, buy clothes may buy pants. But the probability of bought gasoline generators to buy the lawnmower is very small. So we can provide the same power is not a model generator, such as gasoline generator.

chain is recommended regardless of the recommended or products are to match the standard, users read an article on the Qin article next will need to see other articles about Qin, but if you look at the net Qin’s sudden interest in the stock market users very rare.


pictures of the anchor text link

page link

we say a product if the product picture display station must have product anchor text below, anchor text links is to tell the search engine link below illustrates what night, also tell search engines this picture represents what mean. If there is no anchor text links to love Shanghai could not identify what is the link page, more can not be ranked. If they cannot explain what is the product page content, then the similarity of the page will increase. There will be a great impact on our products included and ranking.

The diversion of

do within the chain not only need to look at the needs of users, users still need to analyze the potential.

chain channel optimization is the same, not doing a good job loss rate will be very high, will do well to promote the website included. The key to the keywords ranking late long tail word ranking, and reduce the rate of jump out to enhance the user experience. There are 2 points to note:

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