Analysis of a little experience love Shanghai Web2 0 Raiders

anti spam in Shanghai official recently released Web2.0 Raiders, brought great inspiration to our personal webmaster, in which a detailed description of the strategy which is spam, which is spam links, these spam Raiders also remind personal webmaster do website should to the user experience, the following is my personal some experiences and ideas of anti spam Web2.0.

on the chain problems, love Shanghai official did not explicitly produce the relevant case, but from the love of Shanghai Web2.0 anti spam strategy which can be seen, some do not accord with the theme of the content are spam, for some mass content to make network chain station, Shanghai official also suggested love webmaster delete this message on their own content, avoid the punishment of search engine.

second: on the chain

personal view: personal webmaster manufacturing chain mostly to the forum signature, but according to the official Web2.0 love Shanghai Raiders anti spam system, try to find some personal webmaster and its website content accord with or related to the forum to do signature, such as the theme of the site is a body odor type, you should find some related forums the approval of the body odor, to make the chain, although do not know whether the meaning of true love Shanghai official, but for the chain, the chain has always been to content related to the high quality of the chain, for the group, a person stationmaster must try to stop, although this can save time and effort, but for the website a lot of negative effects, and the total.

: the first on content of

content has been plagued by the webmaster, and it is the most troublesome, because of love for Shanghai included in the mechanism of the constantly changing, and many of the so-called pseudo original methods have been ineffective, even though most of the pseudo original content will be included but also love Shanghai, love is quickly from Shanghai the solution was removed, in this case is only copy and original, but the efficiency of these two methods is very low, although the quality is increased, but the number of manufactured articles is very limited, so how to solve the content problem

personal view: for love included mechanism it is difficult for Shanghai to know, but it is not a solution, I think the original article is not necessary, can create a special column to publish original articles, published daily two to three articles, the content must with the theme of the site, remember not to be able to release some of the theme of the site and do not conform to the content, because the love of Shanghai Web2.0 anti spam Raiders explicitly pointed out that "the fraud of search engine users belong to the contents of" junk information, in addition to the bottom of the head, every write pseudo original method issued five to ten articles, the same content must be site theme related, so the original and pseudo original combination technique can effectively reduce the occurrence of love Shanghai included deleted phenomenon.


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