The actual share from 2000 to 10 days Google included 3W7 optimization techniques

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said the reason to start doing optimization using this station program, this station is the group purchase site navigation, due to the need to modify their own procedures, so the use of open source group purchase navigation program blue dolphin, but have to say, the starting point of the open source program of the original intention is good, but the product is unsatisfactory, the team no one understand the basic knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. So, no way, can only change yourself.

now has many webmasters should be how to optimize the site, how to do outside the chain, but most of them are only in theory, but do not have introduced combat. Today, here through the actual optimization process on their website to Google included 10 days from 2 thousand soared to nearly 40 thousand of the experience.

two, the process of optimizing

The main keywords

because of my site navigation group purchase is a national, so you can do this kind of long tail keywords to ZhengZhan optimization.

I selected are: 123, the website group purchase group purchase group net, 123, thousand thousand group 123

thousand group net and thousands of 123 shots keywords is due to my station itself domain name is qiantuan123贵族宝贝, very suitable for the optimization of these two words, but also to the thousands of groups from the keywords in the appropriate network interception of traffic.

column page keywords (sample): Guangzhou network group purchase group purchase website, Guangzhou 123, Guangzhou 123

The selected

is currently the main keywords are: navigation network group purchase group purchase group purchase website, group purchase, navigation, group purchase network Daquan

3, URL Optimization: Blue Dolphin source program is to use the CI framework to do, and do the optimization of URL, using /index.php/group/index/beijing URL such as column page links, we all know.

Keywords: currently

need a website optimization, you need to do the market survey and the overall planning, which involves many aspects: selection of key words, keywords layout, optimization of the URL directory, reduce page similarity, also need to consider the URL change to do 301 jump on the collected influence.

2, the long tail keywords selection: light do these 4 words is not enough, because the 123 group purchase the key words heat also is very high, the competition is moderate, it is not good to do so, we need to optimize a lot of long tail keywords to get traffic.

1, selected key words have been the group purchase site navigation station occupied by several, so, want to use those words when the main keyword is not realistic. So, we need to select the appropriate keywords themselves, to avoid too fierce competition, to avoid those wars as the main competitors.

group purchase

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