Shanghai dragon Combat based update strategy make good ranking lopsided

Shanghai dragon ER technology

, however, from the previous website optimization operation, we must also have found many is the combination of the renewal of optimization methods, and no further integration in the website code and general layout. The following graphic snapshot, Dennis was also tried, the first web page layout adjustment is the result of the website domain name is K. This period of time is not long, it has been restored in about 15 days, but the ranking is significantly better than before. Through the analysis of the thermodynamic diagram found in the website, click on the layout adjustment, was very good because the main section of the section change is heat drop, a direct impact on the user click. This also lets Dennis had again reset, the hot section from the new back. But in different trimming, after all, hinder the stability factor of website, so the keywords ranking fluctuation is acceptable.

according to each different habits, the author Dennis is more biased in favor of content in the station optimization, will most of the time on the website update on. This coincided with the love of Shanghai agree without prior without previous consultation opportunities after the launch of the green Mars algorithm, algorithm and so on, have been low-spirited website in content win era forward, overnight website keywords from 100 have entered the Shanghai love search on the first page. Because the contents of the last king era, the chain of Dennis did not relax, and concentrating on the webmaster forum and A5 news source site, to the website ranking stable later also brought a respite, only to the Website Ranking Ranking in the top results.


website ranking optimization has now become tangled problem of indiscriminate killing boxing master craftsman, especially for the novice Shanghai dragon Er, because the pre read too much theoretical knowledge, in the real start to the website optimization ranking when it is lost. The author Dennis recently encountered such a situation, the problems encountered to share with you to discuss. Ask some Shanghai Dragon God, the focus of the site optimization strategy update problem is based on the author Dennis found too much.

, the website code is simplified, and then to add some JS code to achieve some of the web page effect is more messy, resulting in no change in the site in the first 6 months over the data.

but it is far from the truth, just when I think Dennis website can slowly discovered another problem, that is.

for the old domain name website, in the keywords ranking search engine is given a "care" policy, but the rankings are no mistake here. Because too much of the old domain name website advantage while ignoring the basic details of it itself,


first, in the wake of the site has a 5 year old domain name of the station, took over the early because of the code are not familiar with and not for the website code structure of comprehensive adjustment. This will make the layout of the site itself is DIV+CSS added later in the

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