Shanghai dragon why let myself go more confused

I worked in Zhengzhou for nearly a year, the website optimization this piece has 4, 5 months. First, I love this one. First contact is also from network owners and the owners of the house, watching others experience a little bit slowly growth and accumulation, now they do not say how high level, at least the station, his optimization scheme has some case. However, the author is now confused, today I combined with his own experience to analysis reason:

The boss of the

3. website optimization myself — we should realize the real website optimization. I now work in a hospital, and do.

2. boss of Shanghai Longfeng indifferent — a man can do is cheat, you just graduated. This is my interview, is a network marketing company. When listening to their company profile, very niubi. I think that is the birthplace of Zhengzhou Furong and Xifeng, and they talked to the boss, I suddenly realize. At that time our collective interview, there is a person and I like the interview site optimization. The boss asked our work, we are the same, the graduation nearly a year, that a friend used to do warehouse management. After all, I have some experience, to a little advantage, when the boss after listening to a word, kill me, mister, website optimization promotion of this piece, there is no experience does not matter, as long as willing to learn. Can you go to work tomorrow, two words sent to. I felt very uncomfortable, website optimization in their eyes, so eazy! A man can do, but also predict the future work of the situation, but I still go for a long time, because I know that is not the same as I thought. I ask the dry around a long time colleague, is from another site to get a few articles every day, sent to another web site. And open their web sites, 360 sites containing illegal information will pop up dialog box.

1. website understanding is too simple, that a person can fix, but also quickly took effect. My first website optimization work, is a franchise website. The company was founded, when I went to the company’s website has been built (site of the company get). Shanghai dragon is clear, the website of Shanghai Longfeng planning in the site before the best. But now the site optimization in Zhengzhou which is most. We had a total of 3 people, because they get a Taobao shop, are basically to make web site. The website is imitating the industry a franchise brand website, other companies have run more than ten years. But the boss can be difficult as can be imagined, don’t think so. The boss wants two or three months on the effect, of course the boss effect is to find franchisees in the internet. I arrange their own work plan, content creation (pseudo original), filling the website, basically make fast for more than a month, in fact, many products are the only content of the picture. It is basically a month, not too popular keywords also good. However, no franchisee, the boss did not raise the meaning of our work, often not recognized by others, he thought you every day in front of the computer to be lazy.


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