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promotion website the basic content is updated every day, according to the server log view to the spider is about 9 in the evening visit, I usually is at 8 p.m. or so to update the website, let the spider every meal. The update of the basic original is false, because myself as a man for cosmetics do not understand, it is only pseudo, then in different positions in different articles placed me to the promotion of the product information.

here is to think of how to select keywords and website with to promote products, selection of key words I read the love Shanghai index, Google webmaster tools, and some other long tail word mining tools, are the basic skin care, and product related keywords, long tail word. The next step is to consider how to put the product, I see a lot of Taobao off site, basically is the product purchase links on the site of the head, so I think the user experience is not good, will make customers more disgusted, the home of the middle part, that is imperfect, decided in the column page beside it, in page article to place the product information and purchase links according to different theme. Keywords selection and product information placed basically is solved, the website officially launched.

registered guest alliance, think about how to promote it, the feeling is still starting from their own will, on the choice of Shanghai dragon to promote.


the next step is to improve the relevant keywords ranking, get traffic through the ranks, get through sales flow, there is naturally a sales commission.

insists on it for about half a month, my site through the love of Shanghai is new audit, web pages are basically put out.

Every day the chain After the

I know from the A5 forum to invite guests to guest alliance alliance tournament, when his promotion commission ratio reached 20% of the Commission, and then reach all levels can get extra awards, when cannot hold, to the guest alliance registered an account.

to determine a good promotion, do some preparatory work, see the guest alliance product promotion is the promotion of the website of beauty, the basic theme is determined as beauty, then, is to buy the domain name (domain name and related theme) and space, domain name registration is fast, down a week. At the same time to build the theme of beauty for the service website. Why not choose a single page, single page now do Shanghai dragon, this is my personal feeling, or do the theme websites better.

promotion site are increased regularly, often to some beauty website platform to publish their own articles, some can bring an anchor text, only some text links, oh, take the anchor text can take the anchor link is not wrong. The platform is mainly to promote the flow, and then the chain. At the same time also can write some soft technology with links to the webmaster forum or website.

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