Shanghai Dragon s notes using keywords Festival

1, the first is the Mid Autumn Festival sms". "Mid Autumn Festival" is a traditional festival, this time, the amount of messages sent large natural network search volume will be relatively large.

1. is consistent with the general structure of the people’s thinking;

originated before:

my blog: 贵族宝贝<>

3, "Zhong Qiujie" and the beauty and date together, have a lot of Lenovo and attractive.

summary, has the following characteristics of the words of these "energy-saving":


see this message, I think this "energy-saving" is a good keyword, it is derived from the "Mid Autumn Festival", is caused by many features of interest detonated:


Oh, this test was in a free blog on their own do not do any promotion, in the case, received considerable search engine traffic. If you are interested, I can put the time to write the blog link to you. Because it was written in a very rough, there is no sun.

with 2. guys online search habits;

6, Shanghai Longfeng regional features, can also be added in front of the attribute, such as "Shanghai energy-saving", "Beijing Zhong Qiujie", "Xiamen energy-saving" etc..

3. has a certain degree of scalability, meet the emotional exchange of people, can be linked to the gift of sales promotion, the promotion of regional implantation.

after a month on the 2011 to the annual Mid Autumn Festival, here I share my keywords test did last year, so this year the Festival Promotion keywords.

5, at the same time, the focus of extension of social hot: happiness, can also have a certain role in the association, can become a hot topic of controversy.

4, from "Zhong Qiujie" to start to associate other names, such as: Zhong Qiuji, Zhong Qiujie; also can be replaced by the beauty of "handsome" name, such as: Zhong Qiujie.

For This is a Funny SMS

7, also can be linked to the promotion of holiday gifts, such as "Zhong Qiujie sent you XXX".

2, "Zhong Qiujie" and "Mid Autumn Festival" homophonic, the name itself has a certain universality, with funny characteristics, in line with the current social mentality, especially young people’s preferences.

of course, the first thing to note is that I’m not a professional Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, just have interest.

has a beauty like to know you, I think she was serious, you gave her your number. In September 22nd, she would be sure to contact you, her name is Zhong Qiujie. That will make you happy for a lifetime.

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