Keywords unstable site we generally need to check what

first, the website ranking suddenly appear to float Links is the key. Many times I found myself in the process of operation and maintenance of the web site, has been optimized using the regular white hat, but sometimes suddenly from the website first reduced to sixth bits and so on, the author think that these small fluctuation range is updated or their mode of operation of Shanghai love problems, will their problems to the forum or with colleagues at the end of the discussion, a lot of friends that may be Links problem, I immediately checked and found that indeed some links it down right or be K, then immediately on these sites were treated for second days or until the next update time love Shanghai found the website ranking back again, so I was delighted, so I think if it is a small range of first rank fluctuation connection check, especially general connection degree is better The website ranking is more stable, the new station do some high quality connection especially the site allows you to quickly rank, but take care not to connect and wantonly blindly add a lot of irrelevant connections, blind to add too many friends of the chain will have a negative impact on the website weight, do Links to find the best correlation, and regularly check the chain, prevent because someone down the right site and spread to their own site.

as everyone knows, Shanghai Longfeng optimization in addition to do now the site keywords ranking accident, details for the existing site weight and ranking stability must be considered, today I own a website for tips and examples of analysis we present stable website key word ranking of your frequently used and some experience of the common sense, good the US continued to enter today’s short gossip topic, conventional web site keywords unstable operation ideas.

second, update the content does not necessarily depend largely on the number of quality and stability. We know that a lot of enterprise website itself is very small can update the content is very limited, in this case I think everything in order to stabilize as the core, even if your website is updated weekly 1 articles at least to keep lasting love of Shanghai to see the site is not a pool of dead water, but Everfount Creek, this site is always is in the change, let love Shanghai to see your website is someone to maintain, update the article pay attention to the quality and user experience, the author thinks that a not for the sake of users to update the website, search engine for the snapshot is very slow, many owners complain about problems because the snapshot update frequency and quality sake. I think that you can update your site every day to update the original high quality content that is the best, but if it is not appropriate to writing their own pseudo original also can not but not the content of the original proportion is certainly important, as far as possible the update frequency of lift up, because every spider visit your site to see are new things, believe that your website’s weight will be because of the good operation and stable website promotion.

third, the website external links not quantity is more stable and better. The main site outside the chain >

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