How to solve the existing problems of website content

seventh, although the RSS before the subscription is not hot, but there are still some webmaster friends in operation, perhaps you may not be aware the subscription may bring some risks to their own website. When the subscription generated will simply call some text, sometimes there will be a repeat of the situation paragraph.

since the problem has been to find out, then the next step we should how to solve

third, according to the failure page or error page 404 page failed to set effective, lead spider crawling as usual for the corresponding content.

first summarize what will happen

first, some owners love to add different categories in their own web sites, such as the latest release of the article and click on the highest rate of this article, the two seemingly unrelated, but it may cause an article while there are two in the list, resulting in the URL parameter is not fixed, even if the original. Don’t be determined to repeat the content.

first, we should increase the intensity of the original, not free to use the update tool, do not collect ready-made articles on the web, for the title and article >


content repetition problems have not been more attention, in the eyes of a friend, or even the chain content, the user experience is more important than duplicate content issues. If that is true, but the content of it is not ignored repeated method, and a good site planning scheme is not just problems, content repetition once too high will affect the site weight accumulation.

fourth, there are a large number of long-term not update section of the website, especially for some enterprise stand for this phenomenon is more prominent, so when we found some notices on the main page or when information is not suitable to the timely replacement.

duplicate content?

sixth, some owners in order to highlight the visual effect, the deliberate use of more photos and videos, in my shopping platform in the industry to do so but this phenomenon meet the eye everywhere, though beautiful, but the picture is too high a proportion not included, on the other hand, possibly because of public address problems caused by repeated pictures included.

second, the use of collection tools to collect contents are mostly repetitive and re processing, for some platform websites this situation is more serious, perhaps is the webmaster neglect, few articles are likely to put in the home in the first half, quite unfavorable for the website optimization.

fifth, failed to delete the root directory of the HTML file in a timely manner, resulting in dynamic pages and static page between the hybrid index appeared several times, resulting in duplication of the improvement.

eighth, we often do not care there is a situation that is if the title does not stand inside the novel, or is the lack of substantive content, resulting in the relationship between too large, such as a navigation bar set, it will be judged as direct repeat spider.

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