How to save the love Shanghai website ranking 11 phenomenon

is not to increase the original article, increase the chain can let love Shanghai restore ranking >

I site gene Yu root appeared seemingly love Shanghai 11 phenomenon, perhaps we love Shanghai 11 is the first time I heard the word, you may love to Shanghai 11 do not know how to solve this problem, Wu Zhiqiang today as we take a look at how to save the site love Shanghai 11 phenomenon.

Wu Zhiqiang in a website optimization company gene Yu root, found key words on the front page of the table before the top 5 in the 20 days before the list down to 11 in a situation. At that time also not to regard it as right. When I heard Albert, when if the words mentioned love Shanghai 11 phenomenon, to be interested in the word, is very curious in the hands of their own station is not love Shanghai 11 phenomenon? When you see those subjects and related keywords are stopped at 11, just start to think that love is definitely 11 Shanghai phenomenon. When I asked the vice president and manager, they experienced the Shanghai dragon master told me is not love Shanghai 11 phenomenon, not artificial interference. When I really love Mongolia, Shanghai encyclopedia said love Shanghai 11 phenomenon with the hands of really stand is very similar, but the leaders have denied this, for a moment I don’t know how to do.

Perhaps some people will say that

so I look a lot about love Shanghai 11 phenomenon, also want to know how to solve this problem, some mentioned rescue measures are: 1, don’t buy black links. (black links have not control many factors); 2, buy links to renew the Ming (avoid caused by site outside the chain; 3, 20) or less than 20 Links; 4, every day to check your Links. (because Links easily lead to drop right Links implicated) to check whether a large number of keywords ranking drop, snapshot update speed and whether the site is K or the illegal search engine operation; 5, do not Links when cleaning the one-time clearance link 2 or more than 2 (easy to cause the chain fell too fast); 6, increase the original article high quality website; 7, the high quality of the chain increased. Some also speak more terrible method that is a love Shanghai auction, use the money to fix the ranking. Then we come together to analyze these relief to have no use for the front 5 solutions for my website without any help, because I haven’t bought links, nor did Links, the only thing I do is to increase the original article, increase the chain.


love Shanghai 11 concepts: manual intervention drop right, is a warning and tips for web user experience deficiencies. Love Shanghai ranked 11, is the artificial intervention or drop right, but not the K station. Because the station meets the technical standards to love Shanghai, namely the search engine friendly. Before the intervention in good, can confirm this, even if the manual intervention, nor K station, so the site or have emboldened.

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