Lu Cong love Shanghai adjustment algorithm is contrary to the user experience

520 love Shanghai adjustment algorithm is contrary to the user experience, I think in the long love Shanghai officials will give a response. Of course, from the author’s point of view, it is a user experience. Of course we as Shanghai dragon Er still need to do good, love Shanghai or to follow the point of temper. Good to be here. Welcome to webmaster Paizhuan >

the love of Shanghai is the search engine, this is a user and public service institutions, can do so with their own system to deviate from no doubt. The corresponding combination of a little love Shanghai is an enterprise it is not difficult to find, the localization elements love Shanghai is still relatively strong, want to do the Google so much of the global market also need to work hard.

for the love I feel or want to see Shanghai from the two aspects of love is a love Shanghai Shanghai enterprises II is the search engine

insiders said love Shanghai do so contrary to the user experience, the author also wrote that before the user experience of the article, for the love of Shanghai the adjustment of the algorithm, the attitude of the parties is not the same, of course love Shanghai official did not respond to the adjustment. The love of Shanghai this adjustment is contrary to our user experience from 2 angles:

users in Shanghai Dragon

love interest of Shanghai

yesterday evening from Beihai Shanghai dragon talk big update is expected this day Shanghai thing, the author’s personal blog yesterday to love Shanghai before three, today fell third pages. Of course, as well as the decline of other keywords, and I like the stationmaster of a lot of adjustment of the algorithm for love, Shanghai is not to. No doubt reflected decline in the website ranking.

: why do you say, love Shanghai is a for-profit enterprise, he is not charity, this adjustment algorithm is to some extent in order to pave the way for the love of Shanghai bidding, now Shanghai dragon’s rapid development, so that love Shanghai bidding in a depressed state, so the love of Shanghai the algorithm adjusted to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon have a lesson, told us that the Shanghai dragon, not love Shanghai, you still can’t play.

ER and

to some extent Shanghai dragon Er has users and bundled together, of course, Shanghai dragon Er on the one hand for the enterprise website service, but also in line with the user experience to do. And now love Shanghai the adjustment of the algorithm, making the inside pages of many sites arranged to the home page, and the enterprise level domain name ranking drop. I am a Shanghai dragon Er I am also a user, when I go back to playing a recent fine magic card, but last night when the love of Shanghai, the magic card has dropped to fifth to. While the first second of the love of Shanghai products. I don’t want to say that no effect, as the user I didn’t find what I need in the first time, this is a fact. So relative to this love Shanghai adjustment algorithm, to a certain extent on the Shanghai dragon Er certainly destroyed the needs of users.

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