To calm the mind re understanding of Shanghai dragon in the optimization of soft Wen

written in the last: Recently, the emergence of a large number of many websites to modify original copyright reprint, such as the laggards, 28 push, push to help network station, and other famous sites. As part of the industry, I only wish all lovers as the industry, can be.

soft, whether novice webmaster or has a wealth of experience of Shanghai dragon martial arts master, it should not be a strange word. Chat with friends yesterday, friends Tucao said his article was scolded, he also responded to vent under micro-blog. This made me realize that most of our webmaster is not into the soft errors in

we write soft, not that you write or how awesome your goods receipt to users is the main. Good or bad soft level and quality, whether you own soft paper to achieve the desired effect, no purpose is not soft, otherwise it is meaningless with words. Calm down and re understanding of the soft, you on the merits of the interpretation standards changed? Though I had not so soft, puts forward specific soft quality standard, we should also understand.


personal website website optimization, so most of the time, individual stationmaster you not for profit, not to make money, you do Shanghai Longfeng optimization? Step back and say, you are a Shanghai dragon industry optimization, doing the play but no ground for blame. But the rest of the personal webmaster, you are not interested in, not for the purpose of profit, you have the purpose and significance of Shanghai Longfeng optimization where? All unnecessary things, why even follow the crowd, what he is doing is not clear, a waste of time. Do not blame everyone in Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques research enthusiasm, just say so, the application of the soft Wen in Shanghai dragon in the optimization must also be necessary to use the.

In Application of

soft Wen Shanghai Longfeng optimization, there are two types, at least in my opinion on the two kinds of enterprise website, Shanghai dragon and individual optimization webmaster site optimization Shanghai dragon. Enterprise website Shanghai Longfeng purpose is directly observable, is to allow more users to enter into their own business website to understand their company’s products, and thus their products and plan out, and then get more benefits.


I am writing this soft article is simple and direct, the first is with everyone to learn soft writing purpose, the second is integrated into the site keywords I, propaganda content of the site, I do website optimization, Shanghai dragon, very straightforward. Of course, this is a personal opinion, for reference and discussion, we also welcome positive criticism.

in Shanghai encyclopedia on the soft Wen explained in great detail, soft text is relative to the mandatory advertising, is a kind of text ads, flexible. Through the soft, not only can promote their products or solutions, finally achieve their marketing purposes, but also can let the reader benefit. This is the soft nature, ultimate goal is soft marketing.

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