Time bomb love Shanghai reputation users of the gospel of the grassroots

For example, the Shanghai City Longfeng

yes, this map is the user of the gospel, love Shanghai commitment if the user on a website to buy some products and products of goods not board or shoddy products to return, refund, and businesses have marked this with V, but do not fulfill their commitments, then love Shanghai will be the first claims, there is on the Internet the environment, if the Internet users in the search results click some marked love Shanghai reputation and V, are fake, fraud suffered economic losses is the so-called phishing sites, so love Shanghai will provide full compensation for security, in Shanghai and the China Association jointly organized the "network consumption promised more security" the conference is exactly the same, regardless of whether the user to access the search results click add V mark or love Shanghai auction add V is commercial promotion node Fruit, should be entitled to full compensation, the love of Shanghai reputation and V has covered all the commercial promotion is love Shanghai auction business, at present, Shanghai has about 3000000 love website with V, then there may be more, so do again for Internet users and users bring a lot of convenience. "Don’t worry about things on the Internet can be" love Shanghai using big data and technical advantages, to provide consumers with guidance and service for the users, the Shanghai dragon city Taijiquan think these are the users and users of the gospel.

allows users to choose love Shanghai trustworthy website to buy the items you want, this is nothing more than a good thing, if you are a user and is not engaged in the Internet work of ordinary Internet users then you will be more happy, see below:

love Shanghai reputation strong on the line have a week, so many webmaster are talking about the love of Shanghai credit that is called (big station station) high streets and back lanes are around! As can be imagined we all care about reputation love Shanghai launched, the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix City think the so-called "love Shanghai reputation" is the relationship between the website and the users, and the site with the love Shanghai relationship is the relationship between the enterprise and the Industrial and Commercial Bureau! You need a permit in order to have the customer trust to you.

one thing there are always good and bad points, not a matter of course this is perfect in every respect, standing in the point of view of the grassroots webmaster, love Shanghai reputation has indeed become a time bomb. They referred to as "grassroots webmaster



fell in love with the sea search "buy appliances" you will see in the front row of the Jingdong, Gome, Suning, Haier basically is the V3 logo, which is also the lowest rating is the highest V1 is V3, V1 is the only reference to ease of access, V2 you can buy peace and trade, V3 has reached two above all permissions is sustainable trust, standing in the technical point of view, it is easy to understand, this is a manifestation of love Shanghai user experience.

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