Remember the July 13th black Friday update love Shanghai


disorders site instructions. Love is not the site instructions to return to Shanghai official pointed out, but has never been so confused. This is the author of a recent site query site, such data really have to install a love of Shanghai, love Shanghai it high.

love Shanghai on Friday as scheduled, it is only a short while ago look forward to the day that many webmaster, now has become a nightmare for many webmaster. Since June 21st the calm continues, will become the eternal pain in 2012 many doomed this month.

drop right and K station intensified. From the side of the station to K station continues. More sources said the love of Shanghai is because of the optimization of database update fluctuations, reduce the pressure of database query. This wave will continue until this month 25 days, and calculate the 2 update from K station to be their next major work.

if you are doing stand, "black storm" of some of the more violent and why?! the original classic quotes 贵族宝贝, welcomed the links with

this love Shanghai update algorithm, accuracy is compared with the previous update to improve a lot, I know the station was K case, have some suspected of cheating. Adhere to the correct optimization method, believe in the love of Shanghai through the smooth fluctuations in energy.


2, love Shanghai snapshot of stagnation and even retrogression. Check Links, love Shanghai meet the eye everywhere snapshot of stagnation and retrogression, directly to June 18th, June 28th is not in the minority.


danger and opportunity coexist, love Shanghai update active site for you, it is a chance to change. The site has long been collecting station pressing, also have the opportunity to turn diving.


reproduced, thank you!

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