Shanghai Longfeng experience trick chain construction

this is the building of the blog, but we don’t have to blog group software. For a 3-5 account in the blog platform each weight up after all the blog links all point to your site. This method can make you do not find someone else’s platform bother to send outside the chain, their own blog. But don’t, not because of the chain of greedy use cluster software to send large, so it is easy to be K.

forum outside the chain, classified information, B2B outside the chain of natural hair

contribute valuable articles, get a lot of reproduced


Trick four:

soft outside the chain is always the best in the chain of skills is the most difficult, because of the high quality of soft Wen is not readily able to write. We suggest that the processing of some high quality soft, high weight, high popularity of the website platform for submission, bring your own links in the chain and obtain high quality, a large number of reprint, is likely to cause the so many people will help you in the hair of the chain, this effect is the best. If love can be boarded the Shanghai news page recommendation, it is better. We contribute a soft Wen Shenzhen website construction company of Chinese online test yesterday is below, and on the love of Shanghai news source, it also brings a lot of reprint, you can see, the effect is very good.

Trick three: Trick two:


chain exchange can directly bring the weight and ranking promotion, is the hair of the chain can not replace the advantage. We select the friends of the chain, need to refer to several standard. The first condition: Friends of the chain of each other can not be worse than their own, snapshot in time; second: Friends of the chain link to each other can not be too much, should be less than 30; third: chain management on site and to communicate well, keep the link, the subsequent encounter a problem, contact address.

exchange chain has a knack for

get together to build a unique skill: blog, to host all

said that although the quality forum outside the chain of garbage is not very high, reply with the link will be search engine removed but, if we go to share something of value, pay attention to reply in the first 15 buildings (15 buildings within the former why? What was behind no weight), return the number of words in 15 words or more in general, the search engine, is also recognized this chain of voting. Classification information website, B2B.

since the birth of Shanghai dragon in this industry, many websites become link farms, forum spam links become more and more gathered, anchor text everywhere. However, the search engine is becoming more and more intelligent, many links are as spam links being blocked, the operation over, even the website search engines are likely to be harmonious. Therefore, the construction of the chain way to Shanghai dragon trick, the construction of the high quality chain. Here we teach you how to build high quality chain.

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