The enterprise webmaster is to see who in the update web content

two, the content of the website search engine to see what to do

for example, the author write a certain product of this soft, soft text is to score the overall format to write a headline, "a certain product function and effect is what", a guide language, about more than 20 words, three small ", a title XX products can be sunscreen, two and such products can be whitening, three, certain products can be a health", at the end, about more than 20 words, then the content of natural beauty advertising map, so the whole piece of content is not long nor too short, so that you can do to the user.

, a website for users to see what to do

this time the author also responsible for the optimization of enterprise website, the usual work is for the company’s Web site to add some original content, such as update several pieces of news in the news column, update several pieces of content in product knowledge, this work is very simple. However, after the update I think these website content in the end is to see who, is to see a spider or the user, may some webmaster will say to the user, also may say is to see a spider, then think carefully, the update of the content should not only look for the spider to users see, this is the user experience, after all, spiders are along with the user to do judgment, if the user cannot read the contents of the spider may also cannot read. So the author of this idea is given some points, and see if you want to agree.

second, the content of the website to search engines to see what to do. To the Ming.

first, the content of the website users to see what we have to do is. The author believes that the article itself is written for users to see, when you write the article to know how to insert ads, after all, we are writing soft, soft means and soft advertising, to insert ads so natural in the article, let users read the comfortable reading that finally allows users to become your customers. Of course, in addition to advertising, written as short as possible, and generally the user’s time is very valuable, they never would seriously to read an article, they will only put the main content of the article to do so after reading, short and medium. The author suggested that the enterprise owners total score format to write a soft products, headlines, guide language, three small title, at the end of this writing is the most appropriate, you can also add some pictures in the content, do with pictures. I think these are the need to do.

with the development of the Internet, large and small enterprises have started by building marketing company’s products, but also increased the number of enterprise website imperceptibly, the enterprise website every day to maintain the optimization of specialized personnel, and every day at the site more timely news and information, new product information and product knowledge, after the start waiting for the love of Shanghai included the content. This is a good thing for the enterprise, since the enterprises will transmit information to the user’s hands, and can increase the enterprise exposure rate, let more people through the search engine to find the enterprise website.

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