The construction of the chain and content of the original views

content distribution are more or less the same, only the original, pseudo original and collected three, I personally prefer the original, because in fact the two are too extreme, the original owners need to spend too much time, I do not believe any webmaster to have so much time to do the original, if you want to spend so much time to the original, I think you can use the time to thank more meaningful things, rather than spend in this place, and the acquisition because it is completely copied, so although the search engine is not very clever, can you find the things you cheat, but if you do normal station that is bound to their site will leave no small problem, we do not know what time will the hidden trouble broke out, so I still think it should do so, of course If you want to do in the short term benefits of cheating, it’s different. So the pseudo original is my choice, although this is not my favorite, but in this case it but can only do so, because the pseudo original really is not what news value, my personal understanding is in fact to the network manufacturing waste, but who told us to fear for the ranking take the time.

The construction of the content and the chain

Forum: according to the practical experience of the chain of the chain forum I still have certain effect, through the chain to add quantitative specific keywords every day, such as 30, in a period of time can be seen outside of the effect, one can see the website keywords ranking does appear to change (no use any of a chain of other methods), which illustrates the forum signature effect or some, of course, when we do BBS signature also need to pay attention to some details, such as it is best to add links in the contents of the forum, released some forums can do the best sofa, do BBS signature is his best post, not post the effect of the post, because the faster thread will become.

Release of the

insights. My website optimization is a tiring job, in front of all the preparatory work done, such as space, domain name selection, site structure planning, so the webmaster has everything you need ready, the next job is to do the content and external links, because the two is the most important thing to do site optimization. Everyone has a different understanding of the content and adding method of the chain, and one in different stages for this thing will have some differences. Let me tell you at this stage for the content and the chain release personal now.

chain is a lot of knowledge, I think I also know very little foreign chain, if a website optimization personnel have the foreign chain deep research, then I think it should have the ability to optimize a certain degree, I use now is more than friendship link chain and soft forum. Links is a must, because it is a good resource, if not properly used, it is very unfortunate amount, we can also Links to make some like-minded friends.

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