Shanghai Longfeng reading article how to analyze their own website data

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wants to know competitors than you ranking good reason, then you have to look at what are the strengths of other site. For example, from the amount included in the site, the construction of the chain, Links and other factors, by comparing their own website, find the problem, supplement, improve site keywords ranking.



, the first web based

then in the analysis of site conditions, the need to focus on what elements

and the Shanghai dragon article on the A5 platform we have seen a lot of. For the novice, A5 platform on the article, it can solve the problem to solve in the process of website optimization answer. In fact, Shanghai dragon see not just the relevant experience, Shanghai dragon Er execution, should is the ability to analyze Shanghai dragon er. Web site keywords ranking in the search engine is good or bad, is associated with many factors, in the Internet, there are millions of Web sites, each site problems are not the same, even if some articles and your site is currently facing the same situation, then you can guarantee that other factors are exactly the same? I believe everyone have their own answers.

second, rival

analysis of the optimization effect, of course, first from their own look. The domain name server, such as age, site structure, keyword density, website structure, website content, website quality and so on, are to be considered. Know yourself, can be compared to other sites, get real feedback.

browsing platform for the Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is very favorable. It can help us to find the problem, also can let us know what errors in Shanghai Longfeng, so that you can bypass the " in the process after the website optimization, black; " optimization measures, avoid the waste of time, delay in website optimization keywords.

fourth, web log

website optimization, website security is very important. If the site safety can not be guaranteed, even if your other aspects do better, in vain. A new dragon in Shanghai forum shopping, often encounter, do not know why the website ranking drop Shanghai dragon Er, and the website security is usually one of the factors to optimize the personnel will be ignored.

observation of keywords in the search engine development, can help Shanghai dragon Er to remove doubts. For example, he had encountered a case, the key.


website security

site log, can help you control the search engine spiders crawl the site specific conditions relating to the site, the amount included in the major search engines. If you are faced with the web site contains less problems, may wish to look at the web log data, after all, have to crawl to be included.


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