Summary love Shanghai included cause of stop

1, Shanghai to the new test of love. Because our website is just a new station, so also failed to obtain the trust of love in Shanghai, to test for a period of time.


frequent changes to page Title, keywords, description of the influence of the website, the website has been included in the case of keywords on the web page, Title, describe the modified change frequency is too high will be the search engine that web site is a mess, in the observation period, the time will be longer. So the work as soon as possible after think well to do. I want to remind new friends don’t follow my steps today, so the key words to a stereotypical don’t often go to modify, if you need to modify the later website keywords to primary and secondary changes.

Hello, I am responsible for the website optimization, some time ago the company just made a new website "Xinjiang Zhuoding forensic", belongs to the judicial industry website. Our industry compared to other industries some unpopular, not to say how to carry out the optimization of the site work, in the selection of key words is difficult. Well, this site on the line less than a month, I started to do the optimization work.


see it, really makes me feel remain perplexed despite much thought, for the optimization of the site I make a lot of effort, the site of the station optimization and stood outside optimization work in progress, but also to learn more of the good optimization method, it ignores the analysis of optimization results. I summed up the four points of love Shanghai included causes not before the stop, we hope to help.


at the first site I is a reference to the peer site, just select the five key words. The optimization of a period of time I found that these words do not reflect the content of the web site keywords, so I set up five related website content. Later, I found the content on the website does not reflect the business scope of I, then I will revise the relevant keywords within the scope of business. I use Adsense tools inquires the site optimization schedule yesterday, found love Shanghai recording and snapshot actually stopped, as shown below.

2, love Shanghai has been included in the database, but also review stage, not released.

framework includes a delete and change change station website in the.


began to love Shanghai may have been included, but because of you, the original is not high, or a large number of replication, final results not included, is love Shanghai removed. As we all know, love Shanghai serious artificial interference.

station to change muchThe

, a Shanghai

two, frequent changes to your Title page, keywords, description

website articles have been largely in sea Collection >

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