Analysis of recent personal crazy Amoy website

I found these sites, basically do not do home page ranking. In our previous optimal thinking, the first page of the weight is highest, behoove put the main keywords. If the car parking lock industry, title page on the parking lock price of the main keywords. The guest site, home page is basically a "XX company", "the website is under construction" enterprise name. Even if you search for "in love in Shanghai, now the site is under construction, can search a large number of such guest site.


1, short domain age + high weight + special love Shanghai Baidu abuse

hand has multiple enterprise station and the guest site rankings are careless. Especially this year, the fluctuation of ranking algorithm to love Shanghai so I will focus tilted to the above for promotion. But these days I search the hands of a corporate station parking lock price, found a large number of relatively sharp guest site. Secondly, the author search for online purchase + products "," Taobao + products ", at the same time through the query with the Ip site, mining a large number of rather sharp guest site. The station in this paper to superficial analysis, and through the site, to guess some dynamic love Shanghai’s latest ranking algorithm.


as shown below, the site domain name age usually within 3 months, part of the site of Shanghai love weights of up to 4, while Google said not included.



2 home page page picture + party purchase




analysis: most of the time, we do stand are the highest weight home, thinking of the two level domain name misled. In fact, the common enterprise station main keywords do a page is two or three. Sometimes, we can act in a diametrically opposite way, such as the guest site, with two domain names as keywords, to avoid the consequences of excessive page optimization. But with the two level domain name, must do.

polymerization page, somewhat similar to what the teacher said in Shanghai Longfeng channel. But unlike the Shanghai Phoenix channel, behind these keywords polymerization links, is composed of a high correlation between the "picture + text + articles + anchor text links" page. These pages are the two level domain name, relative to a single page of Taobao has tens of thousands of guest page the main domain name, and many pages of the rankings are also good, as shown below.


domain name, is the basic business in the past is not renewed, but has never been filed down the right search engine. So, we can through these rough that record companies than did not record the domain name domain name, have certain advantages in the rankings.

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