Blog is a legend or the weight of the invisible killer

lack of natural resources

the reason that blog is less effective, because of the effect of obvious website right, not one or two blogs can do. Update an article a blog may not more time-consuming, but hundreds of articles dozens of blogs, the effort is difficult to imagine. More importantly, the search engines do not want to repeat the contents of love, each article is original or false original height, difficulty as can be imagined. Therefore, blog requires considerable endurance and persistence, read will know, link building should be parallel, a station is not enough to rely solely on the blog. So time consuming large quantities of energy to update the contents of the maintenance of blog, the same time spent in other ways, perhaps the effect is more ideal.

because the weight is high, but the content as long as it does not involve excessive sensitive topic, without audit to be released, each big portal blog has always been the preferred link many webmaster resources. Not only several blogs, some webmaster registered dozens of dozens of blogs, "blog", blog group dream of rising weights, can provide high quality links to resources. The higher the weight of the portal itself, inheriting the root domain name weight advantage blog is quite prominent. The blog content, quantity control in an effective range, will to some extent enhance the weight of auxiliary site. Unfortunately, as the exchange Links website, blog is a double-edged sword, blog is just a legend, improper operation is the weight of the invisible killer.

two, a single

if the blog links do not have what effect, is absolutely groundless statement. By attachment to the portal site, blog with a golden spoon weight at birth, under the same situation, the content included quality is greater than that of other sites. In the post middle properly properly implanted keywords anchor text links, absolutely can effectively enhance the website weight, is a rare quality resources. Is the so-called blog, it means you have to blog, in order to keep standing, long process and a blog is a time-consuming. We need to continue to update the blog content rules, as well as other sites, elegant Bo Wen, no regular update three days fishing nets two days of drying, also do not last blog weight lifting; secondly, despite having priority included advantage, but not every release of Bo Wen will be expected from search engines love the height is the original or false original content of Bo Wen.

is always a wide variety of links should follow the principles of construction, because this is the natural tendency, improve website weight only more real effect to the ideal natural link. Unfortunately, relying on group construction and build blog links, is just a bunch of gorgeous number only, because of its lack of extensive links. The first is the extensive links to resources in the form of either Sina or Sohu or blog, blog, Phoenix Bo newspaper, which can’t be separated from the "blog" two words, most domain names start with "blog" search engine on its code layout.

, a time-consuming effort

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